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New Petition launched by Ubisoft Employee Group in response to silence by the studio



The battle between the employees and the employer isn’t new. The abuse faced in the workplace cannot and should not be ignored or overlooked. The aware and determined employees of the Ubisoft Employee group has taken up the mission to make the studio accept their demands.


ABetterUbisoft employee group, consist of contemporary and former staff of the company which was abused and ill-treated in the studio’s work space. The group seeks acceptance to their demands and aims to put a dead end on work place violence.


In the month of August, the group had put up their demands in an open letter. In the open letter, almost 500 employees of Ubisoft signed and put forward the solidarity supporting Activation Blizzard. The employees even staged a walkout in the protest. The letter highlighted mishandling of the previous year Sexual misconduct in the company premises.


The letter denotes various issues varying from the Gender and racial discrimination and poor management of serious matters. The letter brought the fact of presence of discrimination among employees for the pay checks, Promotions and employment as well.  Not only this, The shocking revelations of multiple incidents of sexual harassment in the office and other company events.


The letter expressed that the company did no real job at fixing its backdrops and all it did was to spread sweet words. It revealed that the only known-face offenders were fired where as others were removed from limelight through resignation, promotion, or transfer.


As the open letter from August did not gain any response but silence, the group did not put its weapon down but found a new way to seek justice. They opened up a new form which was this time not restricted to the employees only but to the supporters from general public as well.

They tweeted “ You disappoint us, M. Guillemot. 100 days, zero demands met. Surely you can do better than this.”

The message had intended similar delivery as of the gaming company’s latest marketing plan. The tweet is deemed to be a taunt for the gamers as well for not letting a deep sink in the hours of game Far Cry 6.


The following tweet, the group stated out their key demands. The key demands summarized the aim to put an end to the discrimination and abuse at the company. The Ubisoft’s employees demanded implementation of new “zero-tolerance” harassment policy


The company is presently facing serious allegations regarding Sexual workplace harassment and racial and marginal discrimination.






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