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New Solar Of 450 Megawatts- Soltage And Harrison Alliance
$250 Million funding for Soltage to build solar and clean energy across the U.S

Soltage is producing renewable energy, with a focus on solar energy. The company is an expert in everything from strategizing a plan to delivering the results. Their world-class delivery made it possible to have an alliance with Harrison.

Harrison Street is a Chicago-based investment management firm. Their focus so far was on real assets, more or less further than clean energy. However, the image of Harrison Street is going to change drastically with their funding for new solar energy.

Projects involved

The first investment, $30 Million is to be spent on a 14,5 MW portfolio. The operations on this project are to be developed by the end of this year. As per the plan, the new solar power would be across North Carolina, South Carolina, Maine, and Virginia.

With a primary focus on corporations, Soltage will provide solar power to utilities and communities too. Over the last 15 years, Soltage received large funding and has proven to be capable of doing more. With solar power in communities, the next step could be to get to local consumers.

The CEO talks

Jesse Grossman, the CEO, when asked about the alliance, said,

“Clean energy investment at this scale requires a proven ability to consistently deliver high-quality renewable energy assets. Our 15-year track record advancing the transition to reliable, renewable energy resources demonstrates that commitment and expertise.”

He also added how excited they were to be allied with Harrison on such an important project. And that, they plan to work on domestic renewable sources, that is, solar power.

If and when Soltage brings Solar power to the local, it would be futuristic. Especially, a long-term alliance with Harrison is a big leap for the company.

Soltage’s achievements

Soltage successfully designed a custom-made solar system specifically for the government, commercial, industrial, schools, and utilities individually.

Their systems have solar plans which require zero capital investment from the consumer. Additionally, another couple of benefits offered to attract consumers are lower-costs and better predictability of future power bills.

Flexibility plays a huge role in Soltage. Their solutions do not need drastic changes or developments in terms of infrastructure. While companies want to opt for clean energy solutions, with Soltage’s solar power solutions their hurdles are dissolved.

According to Soltage’s official website, they have a total of 12 projects finished in multiple locations. Each plant is enormous and plays a huge role in their further development.

Without any doubt, this alliance between Soltage and Harrison Street is beneficial to both of them.



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