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Complete In-Depth Review OnePlus 9 & OnePlus 9 Pro
OnePlus offers a huge variety of features and specifications on its latest OnePlus 9 & OnePlus 9 Pro, however, the new OnePlus 9 series does at least catch images that equal and even overshadow its peers.

Flagships from OnePlus are now no more worth identical. The manufacturer has long been recognized as producing high-end phone lines at affordable prices. The year before, the cameras on its flagship device in 2020 were a little bit hard to accept. Fortunately, the latest OnePlus phone crop remedies this deficiency. Here we have come with the complete in-depth review for both OnePlus 9 & OnePlus 9 Pro and have discussed the prospects on how these OnePlus are competing against its competitors.

Hardware Front

Hardware Features OnePlus 9 & OnePlus 9 Pro

Hardware Features OnePlus 9 & OnePlus 9 Pro

Starting with the review for the OnePlus 9 & OnePlus 9 Pro with its new hardware.

On the hardware front, both the OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro has been well-equipped and are powered with a fast Snapdragon 888 Qualcomm chip with 8 RAM shows, this chip can now be upgraded to 12 Gigabytes if so much is needed. This is strong enough, if not all, to manage intense gaming and applications.

The new phones also feature a new cooling solution called Cool Play boosts gaming thermal transfer. It’s been claimed that after an hour or so the OnePlus 9 Pro remained comfortably warm and also the claims say that very few games support a Hyper Touch functionality at launch, which extends the time between display and processor synchronization. OnePlus argues that fast-paced games can feel better.


OnePlus 9 & OnePlus 9 Pro Display

OnePlus 9 & OnePlus 9 Pro Display
Photo Credits: Zachary Anderson (Twitter)

The phones come with AMOLED displays which are bright, vivid, however, the elder brother comes with the all-new LTPO AMOLED display which promises a bit better on-screen performance in the consumption of lower voltage and sharpness on both OnePlus phones and also the sound system supporting dual speakers.


Talking about battery life, approximately one full day, regularly used, with additional juice for the next morning lasts for the 4,000-mAh cell on both phones.

If we carry the proprietary charger of OnePlus, battery life is even less a question. It’s funny, but you should recharge your phone in 29 minutes.

Wireless charging has been officially endorsed also on two models, although the Pro will take the crown for fastest wireless charging in which claims say that the Pro model takes less than 50 minutes to hit 100%.

OnePlus is offering 2 years of Android software and security updates, however, the greatest downside for the 9 and 9 Pro

is that the two years of updates is standard on most Android handsets, for which premium phone makers including Google has updated its hardware for three years and Samsung has only increased its share to four years.

Extended support means that if you get a premium smartphone which will be safe for longer to get old and also some new features from the future will be added and most mention about bug fixing updates, which will also include in this offer.

Sadly, if you match OnePlus’ rivals’ camera skills (when you are losing the value hook), these phones do not feature properly. OnePlus didn’t come up with the cleverness of Google Pixel’s photography nor made it to the outstanding features like 10X Galaxy S21 Ultra optical zoom. They were just big, expensive, high-end, and for sure premium looking (OnePlus never compromised on their premium smartphones).

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OnePlus Partnerships With Hasselblad For New Camera Touches

OnePlus 9 & OnePlus 9 Pro Collaborated With Hasselblad For Making A Good  Camera System

OnePlus 9 & OnePlus 9 Pro Collaborated With Hasselblad For Making A Good Camera System

OnePlus realizes that it would have lagged behind the production quality of its mobile cameras, and it recently announced a commitment to spend $150 million in camera research. It is for this reason that “Hasselblad” is flagged on both OnePlus 9 phones’ back camera modules.

The collaboration with Hasselblad is quite early, but with the image sensor calibration, color tuning, and image processing Hasselblad has already contributed to the two new phones. For future models, expect more involvement, including custom lenses.

The most important improvement here is color calibration over the previous OnePlus phones. You’ll find that I have over-saturated their images, read my OnePlus 8T and OnePlus 8 reviews. This is no longer the case. In real life, color is closer to what you see. Blue skies are not always too blue because they are all too lovely, so pictures are no longer unnatural.

Camera Configuration

OnePlus 9 & OnePlus 9 Pro - Camera Configuration

OnePlus 9 & OnePlus 9 Pro – Camera Configuration

Both phones are equipped with various main camera sensors. The two are 48 megapixels but the Pro has a slightly higher sensor that gives the images more detail. Often the output of the Galaxy S21 Ultra, our top 2 Android phones is a border above the output of the Pixel 5.

They’re not necessarily coherent, though. In few shots, the OnePlus phones showcase crisper photos than any of the two OnePlus television cameras, for instance.

The same applies to pictures in portrait mode, the 9 series often made errors when blurring the areas around the hair of a subject.

At least when pictures are shot at night, users won’t have to worry as the phone can manage a spit out a fairly sharp and luminous scene in dedicated Nightscape camera mode. And in some conditions, the photos taken by OnePlus new flagships are quite better than its competition.

The ultra-wide camera is the precise same for all of them as an area of excellence. It’s one of the biggest in the world and is noticeable in low light, where snapshots are sharper and precise in color than overflowing images of opponents.

However, only available on the OnePlus 9 Pro is the 3.3X optical zoom camera OK.

Even with daily shots, you can find lots of grain and it is virtually worthless when the sun goes down because the OnePlus’ nightscape-mode is not compatible.

The quality of photos from phones like Galaxy S21 Ultra simply doesn’t match (though the zooming feature in OnePlus is not as far as compared to the Galaxies).

Both OnePlus 9s are embedded with the 16-megapixel front camera but don’t come with the dedicated night mode.

Talking about the video side, the bigger brother, 9 Pro comes with the support of 4K and 8K which is near to the Samsung’s S21s range.

Also, the OnePlus 9 Pro comes with 8K video recording with a remarkably brighter stabilizing mechanism.

OnePlus also has a better ability to capture shockingly good macro photographs is the completion of camera systems on both devices.

It’s also a Pro mode that enables you to tweak camera configurations like ISO and the shutter speed to capture 12-bit RAW pictures which look great when edited in Adobe Lightroom.

Here is the complete review for the latest OnePlus flagship, OnePlus 9 & OnePlus 9 Pro.

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