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New study finds Reddit users with toxic usernames are more likely to generate toxic content

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Source: Engadget

A recent survey claimed that people using Reddit with toxic account names have a greater chance to demonstrate any wrongful act in the virtual world which can be something like a personal attack or sexual abuse. It further stated that these individuals have a 2.2 times higher probability than other users of the platform to get their IDs barred by the mitigators.

The result of the survey carried out by analysts from educational institutions in Poland and Japan was printed on Friday, in the chronicle Computers in Human Behavior.

The analysts depended on a technology built up by a firm known as Samurai labs to figure out how noxious the accounts name of the users are.

The technology categorizes the toxic account names under offensive that comprise bigoted, homophobic, or disrespectful speech, profane that comprises usual swear statements, sexual, and inappropriate that comprise anything posted on the platform related to narcotics, and more.

Furthermore, the technology can also find out prevalent deceptions used for hiding conceivably abusive account names like switching alphabets, code words, and voluntary wrong spellings.

The analysts used two data files for measuring the toxicity of the username. One of which had around 122k users having noxious account names on Reddit while the second one had 207k users with noxious account names, as reported by the technology of the Samurai labs. In the first data file, there were a total of 244k individuals using the platform effectively between 12 February and 22 February 2020. While in the second file there were a total of 414 users partially using the platform between 20 June and 9 July 2020.

The analysts also adopted a very much alike technique to categorize the comments of these individuals having a toxic account name on Reddit as offensive or inoffensive, with lethal classification consisting of individual offense, sexual abuse, obscenity, etc.

To figure out the interrelationship between noxious account names and account freezes, the researchers arbitrarily selected around 50 thousand people having a noxious account name on Reddit and other 50 thousand individuals with an inoffensive account name from each of the two data files.

The result of the analysis depicted that a person who is somewhat active on the platform has a chance to post around 38% more noxious statements annually. The individuals having sexual or obscene language in their account names overall produce almost 50% more noxious posts than individuals who have a neutral account name.

However, the research also claims only a small percentage of these individuals who have a toxic account generate noxious statements or posts on Reddit. Around 58% to 65% of users do not produce toxic comments even after having a noxious username, though this number is large for the individuals having a neutral account name.




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