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New York stare passes first-ever 'right to repair' law for electronics. Source: Business Standard

New York Might Become the First State to Have a Right to Repair Law

According to recent reports, New York might become the first state to have a ‘Right to Repair’ law for electronic devices. The bill got support from both houses of the legislature. It hasn’t become a law of now as it is waiting for the government’s signature. Read the entire article to learn more about this news.

More about this bill

Self-repair groups like iFixit have applauded the ruling, calling it “one giant leap for repairkind” in a blog post following the announcement. “The passage of this bill means that repairs should become less expensive and more comprehensive: people who want to fix their own stuff can,” the post reads. “Where before, manufacturers could push consumers to use manufacturer-authorized shops, now they’ll have to compete.”

This bill involves the companies providing the necessary tools for repair to the people so that they can do that themselves. Many people are against this bill becoming law because of cybersecurity threats. The supporters on the other hand believe that this bill is the key to the growth of the economy. It could also help could help the “tinkerers of today” become the “inventors of the future.” The Federal Trade Commission is also in favor of this bill.

As per the reports, the bill hasn’t been sent to the governor for signature and as per Fahy, there is some opposition against this bill which makes it a “David versus Goliath battle.”

About Federal Trade Commission

For people who know nothing about this commission, this article will give you all the necessary information that should know about this commission. The FTC or the Federal Trade Commission is a body with the sole purpose of safeguarding consumers from the wrong or unfair methods to practice business through enforcing the law. The organization has to strike the right balance between encouraging competition and safeguarding the consumers against the malpractices of the marketplace.

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It is the only agency that has to deal with protecting the consumers against the wrong practices in the marketplace and see that everything is well-balanced. Being only one of a kind, the organization is always on the consumer’s side. The body knows how to advocate for its consumer’s benefits and when not to say anything. The body enforces the law if someone tries to exploit someone by using the wrong market technique. The organization sometimes shares frame some of the policies in trying to connect with the latest research in the field.