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NFT artists rejoice: the minting experience is finally easy and delightful


There are plenty of successful NFT artists out there, but if you consider the extent of the talent pool as a whole, you would see that the majority of NFT creators have been facing a series of difficulties. Obstacles they face have been making it that more difficult to catch their break. 

One of the biggest challenges, which is common for most anyone breaking into any industry, is the fact that newer artists struggle with getting the exposure they need to sustain their business. This is due to the lack of community on most platforms. It’s somewhat of a paradox, because most digital creators begin minting their work because they imagine NFTs as a way to connect with new communities, and thereby gain exposure by casting a wider net. Naturally, the goal here is for all this to ultimately lead to significantly greater sales.

At long last, what digital creators have imagined for NFTs is finally becoming a reality, thanks to Mogul Productions.

A delightful experience for NFT artists, and enthusiasts

Mogul Productions is an immersive and inclusive platform transforming how movies and other forms of art and entertainment get funded through decentralization, allowing members of its expansive community to participate in the production process. 

Their NFT Marketplace, which launched in 2021, has gone through a series of enhancements (ten to be exact) for greater UX and UI optimization. These enhancements include a series of updates that are a dream come true for NFT artists that are looking to make, and schedule their own NFT drops. For instance, artists can make NFTs internally and build full collections within Mogul’s NFT Marketplace. They can simply take this interface, put in all their details and just mint. This new interface includes community building processes.

According to Mogul, the new direction is to make NFTs public sales process, in PFP (profile picture) and other collection standards, fully optimized and much easier to navigate through. Additionally, buyers and inquisitors can go directly to the landing page which is created and launched by the artists on the Mogul platform. It will allow fans and collectors to buy the NFTs right then and there.

In the case of Mogul Productions, strides are finally being made to make the minting process, plus the element of exposure and community-building, more favorable for NFT artists—and it has been a long time coming.



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