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Nintendo Switch data leak: Suggests various reports

There have been reports suggesting the Nintendo Switch data leak. Though there is no solid information on whether the report is true, it is still a matter of concern for some users. Some documents that leaked online also revealed some private keys related to the security part of the console. According to a Twitter account, these leaked keys can be used to make one’s own game cartridges for Nintendo. And to stop that from happening, there is only one option for the company. That is to change the keys and make all the games to date unusable.

More about Nintendo Switch data leak

nintendo switch data leak

Image Source: Nintendo

One good news about the reports is that the leaked keys weren’t final for the new console. And hence the leak won’t be able to do any damage to the company. Some other information that was also revealed in the leak was the initial plans for the Switch’s development. There were also reports that the new switch might have support for Streetpass, pedometer, and Spotpass. They were also exploring the idea of making the new console a dual-screen one.

This time the leak wasn’t massive, but it hurt the company’s reputation yet again. This year, the company had also suffered another leak regarding the HD artwork for Nintendo 64 games and Nintendo DS evaluation cartridges. There are also claims that the leaks are going to be published on Christmas. We have to wait and see if that happens. And whatever the update is, we will let you guys know.

What are your thoughts on the rising number of Nintendo Switch data leak? Does it seem like the company is just being merely careless, or is it something else? Do let us know in the comments below. Also, if you found our content useful and to the point, do like and share it with your friends.

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