Nio live event blog 2021: Read about the latest releases

Nio live event

Nio has been doing really well in China. The no of deliveries made by the company has already increased in 2020 by a huge margin. And now the company is conducting an event where it will introduce its new Sedan, a larger battery for EVs, new automation software, and more. This means that Tesla will face an even higher competition in China if the latest releases are excellent. The blog will be live at 4:00 PM IST, covering everything of the Nio live event. Stay Tuned!

5: 43 PM: Price and Availability

The new ET7 has been priced at 448,000 Yuan for the 70-kWh model and 506,000 Yuan for the 100-kWh model. It also arrives with a life-time free warranty and connectivity services which is very lucrative. Coming to availability the ET7 is available for pre-order starting from today. The pre-booking price is 5000 yuan and users will also get an additional 5000 yuan discount in doing so. Delivery of the vehicles will start from the Q1 of 2022.

5:40 PM: AQUILA and ADAM

Nio live event blog

The new technologies used to process the data superfast Nio has introduced Aquila and Adam. Aquila is the system of high megapixel cameras and sensors and Adam is the one that processes all the data and tells the car what to do. The total processing power of the machine is 1016 TOPS which is the highest ever in a mobile computing platform.

5:35 PM: The new Autonomous technology

The new technology and camera used on the ET7 bring monumental improvements in the recognition of pedestrians or vehicles from a distance. Nio has also introduced a LIDAR sensor that can sense up to 500 meters which is groundbreaking. Anywhere where the camera is unable to process objects or anything else on the road the LIDAR sensor will kick-in. This will make the autonomous driving of the vehicle even safer.

Additionally, the new camera sensor and the way that has been mounted also results in much fewer blind spots. The car has a total of 11 8-MP sensors, 1 high range LIDAR sensor,  12 Ultrasonic, and 5 mm-wave sensors.

5:30 PM: Performance of the ET7

Nio live event blog

Coming with the latest technology and capable motors the Nio ET7 brings capable performance with great range. With their latest 150-KWh battery, the vehicle can provide a range of 1000+ km. And the very powerful front and rear motors of the car can accelerate the car from 0-100 KM/h in 3.9s. With all that the new braking system also provides a very respectable 33.5 m breaking distance. Other than that the suspension has also been improved.

5:25 PM: Interior of the ET7

The interior of the ET7 has been luxuriously designed. There are invisible air vents that control the amount of air going in the car. To bring natural light the car comes with cocooning ambient waterfall lighting and acoustic glass for both rows. There is also a heating option for all the seats. It also has a large 12.8 inch AMOLED panel for controlling the working of the entire car.

The speaker set of the car is also very impressive coming with a total of 1000watts output taking the sound system of vehicles to different standards.

5:22 PM: Nio ET7

Nio live event blogThe new ET7 comes with dual-beam Led headlights and double dash daytime running lights. It also has an integrated X-bar and a very classy looking design. The Sedan has been designed very well and has a very spacious interior. It also has support for the world’s first UWB digital key using which it can unlock easily.

5: 20 PM: Nio ET7 unveiled

Here is the 1st look at the new ET7 Sedan unveiled by Nio.

5:16 PM: New 150 Kwh solid-state battery

Nio live event blog

The company has also introduced the new 150 KWh battery. It comes with better efficiency and higher energy density capacity. And this new battery brings a range of more than 1000kms as compared to the max 900km range on the previous models. Nio is planning to start the delivery of these battery-equipped cars by 2022.

5:13 PM: Nio power swapping system 2.0

With the new power swapping stations the company has increased the capacity by 3 times. It can now have 13 batteries at a time and perform up to 312 swaps daily. And now the car has also been integrated to park automatically in the swap station. The company plans to introduce a total of 500 swap stations in 2021.

4:00 PM: Nio Day Live

As we wait for the new releases by the company, the Nio day live event is on.