Nithin Kamath on why billions being invested into Indian non-profitable startups

Zerodha co-founder Nithin Kamath on Tuesday stated India being one of many fastest-growing economies on this planet will finally assist the startup leaders no matter profitability.

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Image: Moneycontrol

In a sequence of tweets, Kamath, who is thought for his academic posts on startups, markets, and enterprises. It is stated the enterprise capitalists are betting on the truth that India will attain a stage the place the per-capita revenue shall be $4,000 and that is when the magic is meant to occur

“Why are billions being invested into Indian non-profitable startups by VCs when it’s well-known that at this time the price of acquisition (CAC) is way larger than the lifetime worth (LTV) of consumers in most B2C companies?” Kamath tweeted.

India is at around $2,000 per capita GDP, and the bet is that it will be at $4,000 in a few years from now, he said, adding that the $4,000 is when the magic is supposed to happen, as it did in China.

Kamath said the essentially bet of VCs is on rising disposable incomes and increasing purchasing power.3

“India is one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. Tens of billions of dollars are waiting to enter India, no way around it. When money eventually comes in, it will be forced to pay top dollar in terms of valuation to the leaders, regardless of the profitability,” Kamath said.