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Oculus Connect 2018: Everything that was announced

The annual Oculus Connect developer conference has finally arrived. Here is the complete keynote during the main event.

The conference event held in the San Jose is where the virtual reality developers get to see what’s coming next in the latest emerging technologies.

The owner of Oculus is the social media platform Facebook. And Facebook has so far put on five Oculus connect shows. But, this one was probably one of the most memorable shows. Here is why:

Here’s what’s coming:

•    Oculus Standalone VR is coming for a cost of $399.

•    Oculus Mobile app now comes up with support for the Rift.

•    Oculus Go updates are coming up with the YouTube VR.

•    Oculus has also introduced the Expressive Avatars. These new avatars are meant to appear more lifelike and will use “simulated eye and mouth movement and micro-expressions.

•    Oculus is adding NBA pro basketball games to its Oculus Venues app.

•    Vader Immortal, which is a three-part Star Wars VR experience, now going to be available in 2019.

Picture Credits: CNET



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