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Official Steam Deck Repair Centers Are Now Open

Valve recently announced that its official Steam Deck repair center is now open, accepting repairs for Steam Deck users who are experiencing damage to their devices, or replacing them as necessary. Valve says problems not covered under the warranty are still available for repairs in its Steam Deck repair centers, but individuals are expected to pay for those repairs.

Official Steam Deck Repair Centers

Credit @ Valve

Fortunately, repairs to problems covered by its warranty are free, although issues beyond it do impose a cost on Steam Deck users should they require repairs. Valve says that they will handle all repairs if Steam Deck is covered under the systems one-year warranty.

If you receive a Steam Deck that is not covered under the warranty, their team will contact you and offer to fix the unit (if the repair is feasible) at no charge. If you experience a problem and must ship a Steam Deck for repair or replacement, devices will now be shipped to one of the Valves Repair Centers.

If you have a Steam Deck that needs help, and you would like to take advantage of Valves repair centers, you can get started turning the wheels by reaching out to Steam support. If your device starts developing a periodic issue with the buttons (rare, but happens occasionally), reach out to Support, which can help to have your Steam Deck shipped to one of several repair centers.

Valve says if you experience a problem with their new handheld, you can send your Steam Deck in for repairs or a replacement through one of their repair centers, where the team will diagnose the unit, make repairs as necessary, and then send you back the fixed unit.

Whereas before, the only option available was trying a DIY repair using Steam Deck parts available at the iFixit shop, users can now opt for the Steam Deck Repair Centre to address issues for them, though at a cost. With repair centers now on-line, even if someone ends up with a defective Deck, this should be a relatively simple problem to fix. 

Something like a random issue with the button inputs will be covered by warranty, and Valve will fix and send back to the client at no cost. Affected users would just need to reach out to Valve Support to setup the shipping process for their device, after which the nearest repair facility would diagnose the issue and repair it for no extra charge, provided that the issue is covered by the warranty. Steam Decks warranty does not cover modified Steam Decks, nor devices repaired by anyone but the designated Valve repair facility. The process of getting repairs done by Valve can be accessed via Steams Help pages. 



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