ONEDIOS – A Digital Request platform launched its services
A Platform that makes life easier for busy customers who want to avoid calling customer care

OneDios is one of the newest start-ups on the technology landscape in India and they definitely seem to have ventured into a market that currently seems to be unexplored. Their mission is to become the platform of choice for all types of consumer requests and to provide customers with a single platform to manage the after-sales life cycle of all their products (whether it be an AC, washing machine, TV or Car), from a single mobile app. To summarise it, OneDios has set out to be an aggregator for all types of services requests (example Ac Service, RO service, TV Repair and many more)   covering multiple brands and multiple products.

With OneDios, customers can book service, repair or complaint requests with brands such as Daikin, Livpure, HP (and many more) and buy their AMC contracts, extend warranties or even buy spares from a single mobile application. Customers can also book reliable home services such as Pest control, Packers and Movers, Home cleaning, Home appliance repair.

OneDios is the brain child of Co-founder and Managing Director of OneDios Services Private Limited, Nitin Chawla. The app intends to bring a revolution in the aftersales ownership and service industry and is truly a game-changer.

Nitin shared how the idea was born. “In a world that is become more tech dependent, I was absolutely appalled by how disorganised the services industry was. I had a thick file of invoices, warranty cards and god know how many documents and yet when I needed to get my in-warranty AC repaired, I struggled to find the paperwork and it took me a good 30minutes on hold at a call centre while they verified my details. This is where the idea hit me. An integrated platform where users could register their products, keep invoices safe, raise service requests and maintain complete service history. One god for all service requests. OneDios.” said Nitin.

When asked about how the product works, Amit Sharma (CEO & Co-Founder of OneDios) said “The response to the idea has been fantastic. For Example, today consumers can register Daikin AC on the App and activate its warranty without having to call anyone or find a website. Consumers can save digital copy of invoices or warranties on OneDios. With the pace of life in the 21st century increasing by the day, consumers are far too busy to spend hours on customer care calls. OneDios provides an easy and simple way of getting the service and repair request booked in just a few clicks.”

The journey so far has been a dream come true say Nitin & Amit. OneDios has over 10 brands and 5 services listed on the app in just under a year of our product being ready. Both customers and brands are appreciating the value that OneDios brings. OneDios roadmap is to cover electronics services, home services, auto services, road side assistance. OneDios hope to diversify into other segments quickly so that customers can declutter their phones and have a single app for all their requests. Whether it be a car that needs servicing, a leaky tap that needs fixing, a printer toner that needs replacement or a gas cylinder that needs to be refilled, OneDios want to have it all for its customers. The topmost priority is to reduce the complexity faced in gaining access to consumer service by providing comprehensive service solutions.

With the potential to grow into the next Unicorn and the depth of the offering, its applicability to both B2B and B2C scenarios, OneDios is definitely a start-up to keep an eye on.