2021 K5 GT-Line AWD

Thinking of buying K5 Kia new car, know when is the right time

It’s ubiquitous in the world, where people have a dream of buying their dream car or a car of their own hard-earned money. But it is not enough to know which car is your dream car and saving money to buy it. It is also equally necessary to time your dream car purchase. This means not paying the exact price or saving on the price by taking advantage of various offers.

There is a whole science behind what is the right time to buy your dream car. In the article further, we will be discussing the things which need to be kept in my mind before making your purchase.

The end of the month and year is the best time

According to people with experience, the end of the month is considered to be the most suitable time for buying the car of your dreams or only your Kia K5. Various analysts have deduced that everybody looking for a new car should buy it on the 30th end dates and 31st of every month or end of the year dates that 29th, 30th, and 31st of month December. You can save more than 8.5%, that’s a tremendous amount. You should always try to coincide your car purchase with these dates or, if possible close to these dates.

Look for special holiday or seasons

Hooray hooray !! Santa Claus is always around when any special holidays or any other special time occurs in a year. Examples of such special times are as follows:

  • First of January
  • Halloween
  • Memorial day
  • Back to school times
  • Labor day
  • Trade shows

The prices of cars decline on these occasions because people worry about the gifts they give to their loved ones and according to economy science price must be decreased due to low demand in the market. Or days like when companies themselves offer people huge discounts on their best products. These days are their anniversary day of the company or when a company goes into a considerable profit.

When new models launch in the market

When new models launch in the market and the existing model is rendered obsolete is also a perfect time to buy a new car. Because the dealers of the company are determined to clear the stock of the previous models and make room for newer models of the company, and in this process, they lower the prices of the older versions. And at this time they are not thinking about the profit of the company. For you, the time will be a perfect opportunity to buy your Kia K5 car by spending less money.

So, after the launch of the 2021 Kia K5 Wichita is excited to buy the older and existing model of Kia cars. And this theory is also applied when any competitor car company brings a new model to the market.

Car dealers in low profit

Not every car in the country earns profit equal to other car dealers, some earn less, and some earn lots of profits. Some dealers have a significant number of clients, and those have a low number of clients. And there are also dealers with fewer turnovers but are in the business of car dealing for a very long time.

 Based on the laws of demand and supply, high demand in the market translates into increasing the prices of the products; similarly, the demand in the market is low, which translates into decreasing the prices of products. Therefore, this implies that dealers with big business are more likely to charge more money on the same models available at a lower price in low business dealers’ showrooms.

So you are advised to look for such dealers with less business, and generally, these are new entrants in the car market. You can also find them easily in rural areas and suburbs where cars’ demand is comparatively low.

Season of low profits

Every product which is sold in the market has its life cycle. And this cycle includes the peak of the product sales and moments of low sales. This is also a significant factor that might decrease your spending on your car purchase. Generally, the months are May or June, also September and December sometimes October experience fewer demands for cars. And this happens because car dealers all around the country receive fewer orders. And this allows you to spend comparatively less money on buying a new car.

For 2021 Kia K5 Wichita, people should look forward to it because it is equipped with today’s latest technology.

Now, look at some worst times of buying your Kia K5 car.

When a new model is released 

If you are thinking of buying a new car and like a car released in the last few days, buying the car in the first two months of its release is the worst idea. Because this is the car that will bring profits to the company and the two months after the car launch, it has everything to make it a successful model. From attention to the hype, the marketing of cars is on full throttle.

Therefore it is recommended for you to wait at least two months after its release before you buy a new model of any car. After two months, you get the reviews on how the people have reacted towards this new car.


Summers are the season when people travel more than other seasons, which increases the demand in the market, so the prices also increase. So you are advised to buy a new car earlier or later than summer.

The beginning 

And by beginning, I am referring to the start of months, years, and weekends. In these periods, the cars are in high demand, and the prices are also higher than usual.

I hope you find the article mentioned above useful and if you are thinking of buying the car of your dreams, I wish you very good luck buying your car.