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OnePlus Nizam Palace: The biggest 16,000 sq. ft. OnePlus experience store

One of the best global technological companies OnePlus has recently unveiled its ‘biggest and the baddest’ OnePlus Experience store in the world in Hyderabad. The experience store measures to 16,000 square feet and is called ‘OnePlus Nizam Palace’. The China-based technology company sells budget and premium smartphones and their latest; OnePlus 8T is also available in Nizam Palace. Customers can walk-in and buy their choice of product.

OnePlus has previously spoken about expanding its offline presence in the market and OnePlus Nizam Palace is a big step forward. There are transparent glass cubicles built as big customer service centres where a transparent service will be provided to the customers. OnePlus is using an Omnichannel strategy to achieve its target and furthermore speaks about investing Rs. 100 crore into this Omni-channel to penetrate deeper into the retail market.

OnePlus Nizam Palace

Credits: https://rb.gy/xtsj7y

The brand sells its products online and the offline presence has clearly been a neglected front for the company until now. Expanding its presence in the offline retail business, OnePlus looks forward to future retail deals and aims to hit the mark of 100 cities through its offline service centre network till 2021. In addition to this, the Chinese brand is also focusing on improving its premium offline experience and spreading its offline presence to interior cities of the country through retail partnerships.

The numbers as of now state that OnePlus has about 5000 offline stores in India including partnered sources!

Turning our heads towards the OnePlus Nizam Palace, it clearly flaunts a distinctive and unique architectural design with white and red company’s colour scheme.

OnePlus explained their architectural design in a statement which said that the outer aluminium frame is a symbol for OnePlus’ bright and shiny future and the red brick beneath that shows brand’s loyal community and represents the strong core values and culture at the company.

Walls of the OnePlus Palace feature #shotonOnePlus picture and video content under LED casing for a beautiful visual treat!

The showcasing desks have catalogues and interactive features which makes the experience of the Experience Store, a memorable one.

OnePlus Nizam Palace interior

Credits: https://rb.gy/krazx9

In addition to this, the walls are equipped with LED TVs that plays OnePlus 8T 5G videos and launch event highlights as interesting visual display elements in the premium store.

The concluding statements of the announcement included that all security and safety measures as per the norms by the government of India have been adhered to; all platforms and floors will thoroughly be sanitised, social distancing will be maintained at all times, masks are compulsory and regular temperature checks of staff members will be done without fail.

OnePlus Nizam Palace is the company’s first step towards its stronger retail presence in India and it shall provide a premium high-end experience of their flagship products to the customers which will boost their business in the long run.






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