OnePlus to launch new 65 Q2 Pro Smart TV for their Cloud 11 Event
OnePlus to launch new 65 Q2 Pro Smart TV for their Cloud 11 Event Image Credits: FoneArenaMobile

OnePlus to launch new 65 Q2 Pro Smart TV for their Cloud 11 Event
Chinese giant, OnePlus to launch their new 65-inch Q2 Pro smart Tv for their Cloud 11 Event, do checkout to know more:

The next OnePlus Cloud 11 Event, which will take place in Delhi, India, has been the subject of extensive planning by the Chinese tech company OnePlus. OnePlus will be presenting their new Q2 Pro Smart Tv, which will be the next new generation and enhanced TV introduced following the Q1 Pro smart TV, according to some recent rumors, despite the firm working much quicker to prepare for their upcoming event.

In any case, OnePlus has a reputation for offering the greatest technologies, and their Q1 series smart TVs have consistently ranked among the top all-around smart TVs for OnePlus. Aside from other series, OnePlus’ Q series TVs have consistently ranked among the top TVs in terms of both price and functionality.

The Q1 and Q1 Pro, the first models in the Q1 series from OnePlus Tv, were released in 2019 and significantly increased market rivalry. Now that there has been a two-year hiatus, the new Q2 Pro smartphone will be available. There are currently no updates on whether or not the new Q2 smart TV will be released. But we’ll let you know about it shortly.

OnePlus TV 65 Q2 Pro – New 65-inch TV with all the flagship features 

The OnePlus TV 65 Q2 Pro will shortly be unveiled at the forthcoming Cloud 11 Event, which is officially slated for February 7th of this year. As of right now, OnePlus is rumored to have begun teasing their upcoming OnePlus TV on their website as well as on the websites of Amazon India and Flipkart India.

Speaking more specifically about this smart TV, it has been said that it will be sold in both online and physical stores as soon as it is released.

“The upgraded OnePlus TV 65 Q2 Pro is expected will provide a wide range of extraordinary hardware and software features that operate as both the main focus of an increasingly premium, smarter connected ecosystem. With the latest flagship OnePlus TV, we intend to reset quality standards of smart TVs mostly in perspective of exceptional quality as well as a hassle-free consumer experience “said OnePlus’ founder Pete Lau.

Talking more about this OnePlus 65 TV Q2 Pro smart Tv, here it’s been said that the new smart Tv will be coming with an expanded set of IoT ecosystems in India. Talking more about the feature side, here it’s been said that we will get to see this TV coming with a bigger 65-inch panel which will be helping towards providing best-in-class features. Also, it’s been said we will get support for the latest software and hardware features too.