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Online Gambling: How to make it or break it at the reels of slot machines

We all love a good old slot machine, and we always seek the best deals as new online casinos delve into the latest slot games. Of course if higher reward and winning is what you are after, there are some tricks that you can always master. Many online gambling blogs will show you betting strategies, but few will tell you what will make you or break you. Investing in the game is worthwhile, yet not all that is needed for a winning formula to win at slot games.

Many players get caught up in the world of risky gambling, and will keep going even if a solid profit is recorded. Sometimes, when the win is substantial and you make some extra bucks, it is good to walk away. Smiling. Although, if Lady Luck is on your side, you could double that profit, but the possibility is that most of the time, you will walk away empty handed.

There are other strategies that you could apply to make your slot play a worthy one. These comments that we would like to address are common talk amongst the gambling community, Twitch streamers and seasoned players. Ready to make your mark on the slots world? The points below could help you in the way to slot nirvana.

Stay away from the Max Bet, unless it is a jackpot game.

Maximum bet in slot games is when you utilise all the paylines possible and also bet the maximum amount of coins / money that the game allows.  It is a wicked game that should only be played strategically. Many slot players advise that the best and only way that you should go for the max bet option is only when you are spinning the reels of a progressive jackpot game.  The rest is not worth your time and also your money.

Let us for example mention one of the biggest progressive jackpot games of all times. Microgaming’s Mega Moolah is a progressive slot game that tops the million dollars / euros.  It has a dedicated site and will also show you the winning pots of previous winners. The game is much sought after, meaning the progressive jackpot is always rising. This is the kind of slot machine that you want to invest your maximum bet for.  The rest does not matter.  If you are ready to take the plunge and invest in a game, make it worth the reel spins.

Keep in mind always that when playing a progressive jackpot online slot, you can only land the biggest prize (the jackpot) when playing at maximum bet. Save the best for last.

Stay away from Branded slot games, they do not pay well

How many times have we seen Hollywood movie star faces splashed across slot machines?  You will also find that some of our beloved childhood heroes, superheroes, villains and also TV shows now have dedicated slot machines chanting their name.  This is what the media, social media and also pop culture does to life in general. You might finish a TV series on Netflix today, and the next thing you know, you find a dedicated slot machine at new casinos.

Truth is, these slot games might be glossy, appealing and also easy on the eye, yet they do not normally pay as well as other slots.  With branded slots, you will normally get a lower RTP and also a higher volatility. This means that you will get the big wins, but you will need to spend some bucks on the game to get a big win.  In the long run, the return to player investment is just not there.

Ever wondered the reason why branded slots do not pay so well? The license that the game provider would have paid to acquire the rights for the game would be quite high, hence the payout for the player will be limited.  If the game provider needs to fork out the money, they will do it on the license.  Bottom line, if you want to be smart and also win along the way, branded slots are a game for you to stay away from!

Understanding volatility 

When playing a slot machine there are 2 things that you would need to keep in mind,  First and foremost always keep track of the RTP as that will let you know how the slot game will deliver and payout.  Another thing to consider is definitely the slot volatility.  Some players make the mistake of disregarding the game’s volatility and that will have a detriment to the winnings if any.  So, to answer the question of all questions when it comes to slot games, let us tell you the difference in all the available slot volatilities.

High Volatility – When a slot game enjoys a high volatility, this means that winnings will not flood your way, however when you land a win, it will be a good one. Less wins, but big wins is what high volatility stands for.

Medium Volatility – Medium volatility is not very popular with game designers and providers and normally would go for either a low or a high volatility.  You will get a medium volatility when the game awards average payouts also at an average pace.

Low Volatility – Low volatility is a volatility that is very much loved by players and also game providers alike.  Playing a low volatility slot game, you will get many wins, but in small portions. Understanding the psyche of a player, this will keep any player, playing as wins come along at a more steady pace.

When choosing a slot game to play, spin and hopefully win at, always make a good choice when it comes to volatility. Using the above definition.

RTP is also worth thinking about

We did touch base with RTP a bit, but let’s face it, choosing your best slot game. Just like volatility, RTP plays a big role in the game and the outcome of your play.  Many game providers state that a high volatility means that you get a better return on your money. Well, this is not always true, as a high volatility game will not always bring home the money or the winnings. Truth be told, if you are playing a slot machine online, getting more than you have invested in the game is not always feasible.

However, a game that has a higher RTP is normally better paying than a slot game with a lower RTP. But then luck comes in, and we all agree that some of us are much luckier than others.  An online slot game RTP is normally found at the bottom of the game, with a small intro to the theme and game specs.

Snatch Bonuses when you can

One of the thighs that draws people to a specific casino is fun, ease of the site and of course bonuses. Many online gambling casinos will grant you free spins and also a deposit match when you first sign up to the gaming site. If you are looking for a new online casino to sign up to, we suggest that you look for a 100% deposit match, along with some free spins as bonus to get you all geared up and started.

Bonuses are a big deal in the online gaming world, and to get started off with some free spins is always a bonus. Just keep in mind that you would need to meet wagering requirements that are set up by the online casino, and you would also need to make a deposit to walk away with the winnings. Bonuses are what differentiate one online casino from another, we always suggest that you do your homework wisely, and you also choose wisely too.

If a casino will not give you a good bonus for your 1st deposit, you can be 100% sure that its competition will for sure.

Free spins at new casinos are worth your time or not?

Many new and online casinos will offer you free bonus spins, whilst others will not. It is always a good start to kickstart your relationship with a new casino with some free bonus spins. Hence we always suggest that you sign up to more than 1 casino, and also sign up to the casinos that will see you walk away with free spins on the 1st time that you register with the site.

There are also slot tournaments that will see you compete with other players to get prizes. This is called gamification and sees players combat one another to reach the very top of the chain. If you make it to the top of the pack, you will of course get play money or free spins.

New casinos will always offer better bonuses and prizes to make sure that they lure players and registrations in. As much as the old traditional established casinos might excel in some areas, new casinos are the ones that bring the free spins to the table.



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