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Online GMAT Prep Program by Experts’ Global

It is essential to obtain a good GMAT score if you are to secure admit to your dream B-school. However, as GMAT is serious commitment of resources and time, you must be careful in selecting the GMAT prep program for yourself. Experts’ Global’s online GMAT prep program is a comprehensive and efficient study resource for GMAT. Since it was rolled out in 2018, 1000s of students have availed of this program and many have affirmed a marked improvement in their GMAT scores.

Let us take a look at some of the program’s most notable features.

Similarity to the GMAT

The GMAT Online Program by Experts’ Global is remarkable for its overall similarity to GMAT. Each of its 4000+ training and mock test questions is identical to the GMAT in terms of question pattern, scope, and difficulty. Another remarkable feature of this study resource is that it mimics the GMAT scoring pattern as well. This is significant as no other GMAT prep program has been able to achieve this level of precision, primarily because GMAT scoring algorithm is not public knowledge and you need to depend on guesswork to be able to recreate it. That the practice test questions and mock test questions in the Experts’ Global GMAT online training program mimic the GMAT scoring pattern is evidenced by the congruence between their students’ scores on the GMAT and their reported final mocks.

Number and Quality of Mock Tests

The Experts’ Global online GMAT prep resource includes 15 full-length GMAT mock tests, a comparatively high number than what is included in GMAT preparation programs. This allows the students to frequently take the mock exams, thereby, helping them build endurance and test-taking strategy. Moreover, as these questions are incredibly similar to the GMAT, frequently taking the mocks also helps to familiarize the student with the GMAT test-taking pattern and environment. In effect, such similarity helps the students to accurately assess their GMAT performance. You can even take a free GMAT mock.

Weakness Diagnosis

The Experts’ Global online GMAT prep module includes an AI-enabled weaknesses analysis system. The software analyzes the performance on each test to suggest the student’s weaknesses and also indicates the average amount of time taken to answer a given type of question. Thus, the student can tailor his/her study schedule to meet the specific learning requirements. The software can also analyze a series of performances to provide a broad overview of the specific weaknesses.

Video Instruction

Experts’ Global’s online GMAT study program includes a gamut of self-study resources. Thus, each question is accompanied by a video as well as textual explanation of the solution to the question and the most efficient approach to solving the question. This serves as a ready reference for students who are unable to solve a particular question or invests too much time in solving a particular type of question.


The Experts’ Global GMAT prep program is an online, on-demand program. Thus, the GMAT aspirants, who mostly happen to be working professionals, can study at the comfort of their own time and place. Contrary to a live training program, the online GMAT prep program saves the student the hassles of commuting to and fro a coaching center and following a generic study schedule, as deemed perfect by the trainer. The flexibility accorded by the Experts’ Global online GMAT program ensures that the student is able to devote adequate amount of time and energy to be able to meet his/her learning requirements.

Special Features

Experts’ Global takes special care to ensure the maximum learning experience for its students. Thus, they have included special features to its online training module. For example, you can use the Flag feature to mark any question/s that you find particularly interesting and want to revise later. The Flag feature allows you to create a file of 100s of questions to be revised later. Likewise, Sticky is a small, colorful, pop-up window that can be fixed to your front screen and used to take down notes while you solve questions or watch videos.

Thus, if you intend to give the GMAT, you must consider the comprehensive and well-constructed online GMAT prep program by Experts’ Global. This program provides you well-paced yet rigorous training and includes thoroughly researched high-quality study materials.



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