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Online food picture menu FoodiesCompass helps you figure out what to eat in a restaurant !

Today, a number of online platforms such as Zomato.com, Burrp.com, Times Food Guide (timesfood.com) provide restaurant level detail, reviews, info and helps people figure out where to eat. Then there are others such as Foodpanda.com, Megamenu.com  that provide restaurant and food detail but lack food photographs, food reviews/ ratings and primarily, don’t help customer in making a decision of “what to eat” while placing order from restaurant. FoodiesCompass, an online food picture menu that helps customers figure out “what to eat” inside a restaurant, now completes this miss thread in the world of online restaurants and food discovery portals.


Once a user enters a restaurant, no matter how regular he/she is to that restaurant, customer is not sure what to order. Restaurant menus provide very few pictures which are not really good enough to showcase what the dish will look like. Even though some restaurants provide this information via their staff, this information might not be credible enough. FoodiesCompass, with food pictures of all items in menu along with social engine, that gives user recommendations and ratings,  provides a visual, mobile and credible solution for user to make an informed decision. FoodiesCompass will also empower restaurants with a more dynamic, user friendly and cost effective tool to showcase their product (viz, food items). With availability of data in the future, the company also plans to analyze user eating habits and trends to help restaurants improve their product in the future and help them target their audience better.

The company was founded by Manish Goyal October 2013. In October 2013, Foodies Compass started its offline operation but was officially launched in March 2014. The Android App was launched next month i.e. April 2014. Manish is an IIT-B alumnus has over six years’ experience in consulting and analytics also has a passion for food. Manish has keen interest in travelling and has travelled extensively across the world. During his travel , finding out “what to eat” from menu with no visuals and recommendations led to lot of bad experiences . While traveling to South East Asia, he observed that due to language barriers, most of restaurant menus had food photos. It did helped him but, pictures were not authentic to restaurant and not quality. And this is how FoodiesCompass started. The company today has covered 75% of restaurants in Gurgaon.

The company is currently working on expansion and will be live in Delhi in coming months. In the future, Foodies Compass will act as solution provider to create menu on mobile through pictures and social media platforms. This technology solution is cost effective and will be available on cloud.

Here are few details of site and app:

Website: foodiescompass.com

App: play.google.com/store/apps/details

Facebook Page: fb.com/compass.foodies



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