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Oppo makes impractical thing practical with its new foldable design for Find N
With its revolutionary foldable design for Find N, Oppo makes the impractical feasible, checkout to know more:

Oppo makes impractical thing practical with its new foldable design for Find N

Oppo makes impractical thing practical with its new foldable design for Find N
Image Credits: Oppo

OPPO’s meteoric ascension to the top of the tech leader board has been fueled by a slew of world-class inventions that have paved the path for others to follow suit.

OPPO has created some of the most sophisticated technologies spanning hardware, software, and services that deliver great human experiences by never being afraid to explore with each launch.

OPPO has successfully maintained up with its inventive streak that pushes the boundaries of what technology can achieve with its newest Find N, the brand’s first foldable gadget. OPPO has made the seemingly impossible practical with what is perhaps the greatest use of foldable technology.

New innovations by Oppo

This year’s edition of OPPO’s trademark annual tech event included some ground-breaking technical advances, attracting guests from all around the world. Aside from the fact that the virtual launch event was one of the most involved online launch events in recent memory, the OPPO Find N utterly stole the show as a future-reinventing breakthrough.

To say the least, the prospect of moving from a small, portable gadget to a huge, foldable screen has been exciting for years.

Many brands have also joined the bandwagon. Just OPPO, on the other hand, has fully nailed it. The Find N takes a fresh approach to the foldable form factor, delivering a fantastic user experience for both existing and new foldable device users.

You’ll see what we mean if you look at the Find N’s industry-first approach to adopting a landscape ratio for the inner display.

This feature achieves a good balance for customers who want to move between a fully functional outer display and an immersive interior display that expands to landscape mode instantly.

The 18:9 ratio guarantees a classic smartphone experience with the outside display when folded, offering customers a superb in-hand feel and vastly improving the folded device experience.

When the enormous screen is expanded, OPPO went with a more natural design, with the large horizontal 8.4:9 ratio display unfolding seamlessly into landscape mode, saving consumers the process of turning the smartphone.

The Find N solves mainly two problem areas of current foldable devices – minimal crease in the display (up to 80% less noticeable than other devices) and a durable and reliable display with UTG + 12-layer screen design – when combined with another industry-leading feature, the Flexion Hinge, and OPPO’s self-designed Serene Display.

OPPO has spent over four years researching and developing different hinge methods to solve this problem, and it has come out on top.

Add in a bespoke UI, FlexForm Mode, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 mobile platform, a 4500 mAh battery that provides all-day battery life, and a 33W SUPERVOOC Flash Charge tuned to charge to 55 percent in 30 minutes, and you have the perfect foldable smartphone produced to date.

This isn’t the only thing OPPO announced on Inno Day. The company also unveiled MariSilicon X, its first Neural Processing Unit (NPU), and OPPO Air Glass, its first aided reality (aR) glasses. We’ve all seen aR’s transformation from science fiction to reality, and OPPO deserves credit for being the driving force behind it.

With features like navigation, health data monitoring, teleprompter, and live speech-to-text translation, as well as support for various intuitive interactions like touch, voice, and motion controls, the Air Glass has the potential to increase engagement and interaction while also providing a rich user experience.

Furthermore, with the MariSilicon X, OPPO is well on its way to establishing a solid imaging reputation while simultaneously continuing the company’s record of pushing technical limits.

This is demonstrated by its sophisticated NPU, ISP, and Multi-tier Memory Architecture, which provides high-end image processing power while consuming very little power.

MariSilicon X also allows for the collection of 4K AI Night Video in the RAW domain, which consumers will be able to see in the next Find X series, which is set to ship in 2022. It will be a first for Android smartphones, and we are all quite excited about it!


OPPO has proven itself worthy of being the pioneer of innovation time and time again by focusing on developing consumer demands, solving their pain spots, and putting up a great effort in R&D.

It has made several notable contributions to the industry, and its most recent launches have opened up novel technological and networking options. We hope OPPO can maintain its winning run and leave the world with an unrivaled technological legacy.

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