Oppo has entered the market with its flagship X3 product range at 5 pm today. A digital event has been held to disclose the much awaited X3 series. X3 Neo and Lite would be launched later. The company has taken a big move to challenge the leader ; Samsung in the market space with a high tech pro product in order to grab the crowd in a smart way.

The name pro justifies its meaning in the real sense. The piece is a pro complemented with premium features making it even more tech savvy.Samsung Galaxy Ultra up till now was enjoying the lime light but today is the day when a stunning phone diverts it towards itself by making a fabulous entry in the tech world.


This series has a lot different from other smartphone ranges like:

  • A single processor has been replaced this time by chipsets.
  • X3 Pro is having Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 chipset while X3 would possess Snapdragon 870.
  • The launch was meant for selected markets only but has revealed the prices for Indian markets today itself   .


The highlighting features of X3 series specifically the pro one that make it even more desirable are:

  • 7 inch native 10 bit curved screen
  • A futuristic aesthetic design element focusing on unique components
  • A great adaptive dynamic frame rate of 5 Hz is provided for the convenience
  • A full path colour engine of 10 bit.
  • Full proof IP68 Water & Dust Resistance Mechanism.
  • 4 major cameras are provided for the best possible shot; one 50 MP ultra wide angle, 3 MP              Microlens camera , 13 MP Telephoto Camera and 50 MP wide angle camera.
  • RAM : 8 GB / 12 GB/
  • Storage: 128 GB/ 256 GB
  • Android v11 Operating system .
  • Battery is of 4500mAh with 65W Super VOOC 2.0 Flash Charge
  • Colors : Gloss Black & Blue.
  • Sensors : Accelerator

Ambient Light Sensor

Gravity Sensor

Geomagnetic Sensor



The price for X3 Pro is approximately Rs. 99,800 and will start its shipping to different nations from 30 March 2021. A general review about the product is thumbs up as it caters to the expectations of consumers quite openly. The suspense of Neo even makes it more preferable as it raises a curiosity of what else can be more good in that.

The core competitor Samsung offered a similar product with minimal variations in January this year in Rs. 70000 approx. This is an effort to tap that advantage to some extent.  According to the study ; the quarter 4 market share of different brands faced a decline but Oppo managed to retain it with a meagre change showing a positive drive to constantly maintain the customer base.

The strive to perfection is hard to analyze when it comes to mobile phone and gadget industry. Innovation is the key and timing to make that innovation public drives even more attention and zeal. Oppo understood that to sustain ; a strong effort & big move is vital.

A few months back ; Samsung S21 was the only one , now today it has a competitor ready with more attractive features; eventually making it one amongst the two. The battle is unending as NEO & LITE are still in the pipeline.