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Outriders Confirmed For Xbox Game Pass For PC

Xbox and Square Enix announced that the Sci-Fi role-playing game shooter Outriders will be available on Xbox Game Pass, PC, and the Microsoft Store. The debut of it on Game Pass will be beneficial for developers and people flying on the Xbox One, as the popular demo has drawn comparisons to cover gameplay of the Gears of War franchise familiar to many Xbox owners. There are exclusive weapons, armor, and various new designs that players can use in their in-game vehicles to gain an advantage during the early part of the game campaign, as well as multiple weapons, mods, and unlockables throughout the game.


Credit @ Square Enix

The move makes sense, as Outriders is already sold on Steam and the Epic Games Store. However, as more multi-platform AAA games such as Outrider appear on Xbox Game Pass, this could become a more common problem for developers and publishers who want to sell their games on other PC stores. Game Pass differs from the popular PC storefront and is, therefore, a must for any Game Pass title, while the Windows Store may have been able to spin off the sales of OutRiders in the Steam and Epic games stores.

PC players can buy the standard game and then play it on Steam, the Epic Games Store, and other platforms. The game will also be available for players with a PC Ultimate version of the service on Xbox Game Pass for PC. If you subscribe to one of these cards, you can also play the game.

The post also notes that players who own Outriders on Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S can transfer their game progress from these consoles to the Windows version of the game. According to the post, the game progress for the game will not be transferred from other PC storefronts such as Steam or other non-Xbox consoles to the Windows version of the games. This means that you can still have multiplayer sessions with players on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and other platforms when you play the game on Windows.


Credit @ Square Enix

Microsoft announced on the official Xbox website that Outriders would start coming to Xbox Game Pass, allowing players who subscribe to the service to play the game at no extra cost. The game is advertised as part of the project Cloud, Microsoft’s own service that allows players to stream games from Cloud Servers to other devices so that players with a high-end PC and an outrider can run the game on their own low-end PC or Android device. Cross-play is also enabled so that those who play the game on the PC can join forces with those on other platforms.

The service provides access to over 100 PC games from Microsoft and other developers, with upcoming titles from Xbox Game Studios such as Age of Empires IV, Forza Horizon 5 and Halo Infinite added to the catalog on day one. Players can transfer their progress from the Xbox console version of the game via the PC version via the service, and those on the PC can cross-play using the PC Store against players on other consoles.

The progress can also be applied to the Xbox and Windows versions of the games, although other PC versions of the game like Steam and Epic Games Store do not support cross-save support. If you are playing on Steam, you can download a new patch 4.8GB for the game that allows you to synchronize the game with the Microsoft Store version, allowing you to play the game on the Microsoft Launcher. This also takes into account that the version of the title does not allow you to restore your game save to consoles, but can transfer your progress to other PC platforms like Steam. Outriders addition to the service is significant as it will be one of the first third-party blockbuster games to join the service.






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