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Overwatch’s Mccree has a new name, Cole Cassidy

In August, the Overwatch development team announced that it was changing the name of former Blizzard Entertainment employee Jesse McCree’s who borrowed the name from the cowboy with the gun. The studio has revealed that Overwatch’s Mccree has a new name and that the game is flipping the switch as part of the character story. The Overwatch development team announced that they were changing the name of the characters from Jesse McCree, a former Blizzard employee, to Cole Cassiday.

Overwatch's Mccree

Credit @ Blizzard

Blizzard has announced that one of Overwatch’s original characters, gunslinger cowboy Jesse McCree, will be named Cole Cassidy and that the name change takes place on 26 October in the game. The Overwatch team has said it is in the process of changing the names of the characters. The team confirmed that there is a name change for him, but needs time to switch between the game.

Rumors suggested that Overwatch’s Mccree was renamed Joel McCloud, another character name, at one point in the development of Overwatch. There were calls from fans for a name change to Overwatch Cowboy, and Blizzard promised it would come. In the original announcement, the Overwatch team said the name change was linked to a new narrative arc and content to be seen.

The new name is to be changed after Jesse McCree, the namesake of the notorious Outlaw of Overwatch, left Activision Blizzard on behalf of a California lawsuit against the company for sexual harassment and gender discrimination. The Overwatch character was previously known as “Jesse McCree,” the name that Blizzard had for the employee before he left earlier this month, among other ongoing claims of harassment and abuse in the company. An ongoing lawsuit was filed by the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH) against Blizzard.

Overwatch's Mccree

Credit @ Blizzard

The Overwatch Hero we know for years as McCree was named after former Blizzard level designer Jesse McCree, who was fired by the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing after a lawsuit against the company.  Blizzard World of Warcraft and Overwatch has promised to delete all references related to the lawsuit including the renaming of roles, locations, and the names of employees.

Overwatch hero Jesse McCree, now known as Cole Cassidy, is one of several re-owned Activision Blizzard characters in the Overwatch named after company executives and employees. Activision Blizzard pledged to change the name of McCree after a high-profile California lawsuit surfaced alleging sexual harassment and frat-boy culture. In the wake of the lawsuit, Blizzard changed the McCree name to be part of a larger plan to remove references to real developers and former employees of the company.

Cole Cassidy will arrive in Overwatch on October 26, 2021, in a complete makeover as part of a new story arc. The changes are part of Blizzard’s intention to distance itself from Overwatch after former game designer Jesse McCree was fired for promoting a “toxic culture” in the workplace. The developers of World of Warcraft and Overwatch have undertaken to remove all references to those involved in the lawsuit, including the renaming of characters, locations, and names of employees.

Overwatch's Mccree

Credit @ Blizzard

Blizzard is renamed after a sexual harassment lawsuit, and the characters will no longer be named after former or current employees. From October 26th, iconic Overwatch’s Mccree will rename himself Cole Cassidy to distance himself from the former Blizzard lawsuit. It’s been a few months since Blizzard’s Team said it was changing the name McCree.

The Overwatch hero we’ve known for years as McCree will be called Cole Cassidy from October 26, as Blizzard changes its name and adds a new back story to the character which we have to wait and see. Overwatch’s McCree will simply be known as ‘Cole Cassidy’, distancing himself from former designer Jesse McCree, one of the men involved in the controversial revelation of the meeting in Cosby’s suite.

The name change is part of Blizzard’s new policy prohibiting characters and locations in its games from being named after current or former employees. The announcement that Blizzard would change the names of the characters came in August following a legal battle the company is facing. Blizzards are testing a few changes to the Overwatch hero McCree in the current experimental patch, such as the ability to use combat roles in the air, but these changes will go live at the same time as his new name.



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