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OYO enters into a strategic partnership with Ctrip

OYO Hotels and Homes have now revealed today that it has now entered into a strategic partnership with the Ctrip, China Largest online travel aggregator. OYO also revealed that its partnership is between the OYO Jiudian and Ctrip, according to the report which has been revealed.

OYO revealed that the partnership will enable the Ctrip to use the OYO volume of low-cost assets while on the other hand, OYO will also benefit from the Ctrip distribution network and the platform ecosystem.

“As China’s second-largest hotel chain, we are determined to soldier on in our mission of creating quality living spaces and the exceptional reach that Ctrip enjoys as China’s largest OTA will steer us closer to travelers who can choose from OYO’s 10,000 hotels in the country located across 320 cities. We look forward to working together and transforming China’s hospitality industry.’’

“This partnership will add value to China’s hospitality landscape by empowering both the demand and supply side. This will also boost existing consumption in the industry, enhance the size of the consumption opportunity in the market and upgrade the consumption patterns of China’s hospitality industry as well.” Maninder Gulati, the CSO of OYO revealed.

Source: OYO



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