Practical Tips to Reduce the Electricity Bills for Your Air Conditioner

As summer comes and the mercury rises, we find ourselves shutting ourselves in an air-conditioned room. It helps us avert the sweaty and uncomfortable feel. With the covid pandemic garaging us in the house, the use of home air-conditioners significantly increases. 

The biggest downside of it is the electricity bill that takes a steep curve upwards. While we cannot do without an air conditioner, we can undoubtedly implement few handy and practical tips to get our AC bills within permissible levels. Read on!

  • Buy AC with a good energy rating 

Like the brand and the features, the energy rating of an AC also plays a crucial role in deciding its monthly electricity bills. A higher energy rating symbolizes a more efficient machine, which will yield a lower electricity bill. 

A three-star energy rating is considered the standard, while four and five-star rated ACs would be easier on your electricity bills even if they come slightly expensive. It’s advisable to go for them. Similarly, it is better to opt for a good quality split AC instead of a window AC as it has better energy efficiency.

  • Maintain AC at the right temperature 

As far as energy consumption and your AC bills are concerned, every degree counts!

The most practical and the best way to reduce your air conditioner bills is to set the AC’s thermostat at a comfortable and right temperature. The chosen temperature should be such that your body is not responding to it in an extreme manner and is comfortable for you. 

The appropriate temperature would also prevent the air-conditioner from overworking. It would directly reflect in your significantly reduced electricity bill. 

For the Indian climatic conditions, 24 degrees Centigrade is considered the standard temperature. Hence you should ideally set your AC thermostat temperature to this temperature. 

Many tend to keep their ACs at about 19 or 20 degrees Centigrade. This unnecessarily creates a high electricity bill. Remember, you too are shivering at this temperature and seeking a warm over. The right temperature keeps you cool but not unnecessarily so. Moreover, you can save significantly even if you reduce the set temperature of the AC by a degree. 

  • Plug all leaks and cracks 

While we barely pay heed to how leaky our room is, it plays a significant factor in the total AC electricity consumption. 

An infiltrometer test will help you pinpoint duct leaks and places where there is an air leak. For instance, there might be holes in the window, the gaps below the door and similar places from where the hot air of outside comes inside to replace the cold air of the AC. 

Windows with glass panes will reflect the sunlight and cause the heat to build up inside the room. It will, thus, make the AC work harder and for a longer time. Using opaque curtains will resolve the issue. Today, there is no shortage of innovative items that can effortlessly help you plug all leaks and cracks. 

You would be amazed to see the extent your AC bills go down by this proactive step. 

  • Set Timer

When you are purchasing an AC, you should try to buy an AC with a built-in timer in its thermostat. Because of the timer, the AC shuts down automatically when the optimum temperature is reached. It prevents the unnecessary running of the AC and will consequently show you a lower bill. 

The timer comes in handy during the night times when you are sleeping. The AC shuts down by itself, and you remain comfortable.

  • Use ceiling fan and AC together

Another excellent tip is to use the ceiling fan and the AC together. The fan helps properly circulate the cool air to every nook and corner of the room, thereby taking the pressure off the air conditioner. 

It also helps lower the AC run-time and leads to a much lower electricity bill. 

  • Regular maintenance

Given the air pollution around the country, it is not surprising that the ducts and the vents of the AC accumulate dirt in record time. It implies that the AC needs to work harder to attain the same pre-set temperature. 

Regular cleaning of the air filters and the whole AC keeps it in optimum condition and helps you get the minimum electricity bill possible. It also facilitates fixing of minor malfunctions and repairs early and thereby, help keep the AC at its most efficient to churn out lowest possible electricity bill. 

Final words

As evident, it’s not too hard to get your AC energy bills down. All its needs are awareness and mentality to inculcate a few easy ways in the running and caring of the air conditioner. We hope you found the information useful. 

Do get back to us for any queries, suggestions, or feedback!