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Paytm, The New Go To News Source

As the spread of the novel coronavirus has continued across the globe, one phenomenon has matched its contagiousness; the spread of unverified news. Paytm, have taken it upon themselves to help eliminate the proliferation of unchecked news and misinformation, by providing access to more than 50 e-newspapers. 

The fintech giant announced on Friday that it would begin offering free service to both regional and national media publications via its mobile app. The company states that the program is a part of an initiative to “provide a direct channel of verified news” to citizens, whether it be regarding the current pandemic or other matters.

Prominent news outlets such as Indian Express, Financial Express, Mid Day, Deccan Herald, etc. are already available on the app, along with regional papers like Prajavani and Navrashtra. 

The program is an example of startups and business stepping out of their comfort zones and using their resources to benefit the public, with the likes of Zomato and Swiggy now offering essential delivery services, while Uber and Ola lending their vehicles for emergency transportation. 

Paytm’s service is currently available on Android and will soon be launching on iOS as well. 



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