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Paytm to Invest 950 Crores in 10 Years in General Insurance JV
With this new acquisition Paytm is now a parent company of Paytm General Insurance.


One97 which is the parent company of Indian fintech company, Paytm has come out to say that the company will be injecting about Rs. 950 crores in to their brand-new joint venture general insurance company over the span of the decade.

The funding process will take place in phases in the decade long funding as Paytm owns almost three quarters of equity shares in the joint venture.

One97 by Hans India

With this new acquisition Paytm is now a parent company of Paytm General Insurance. The company was established 4 years ago in 2018 and has now submitted their registration to take part in general insurance operations. The company is yet to receive approval from the government but have been told that it would not take much more time as they will get it soon from the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority. The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority is the top insurance agency that supervises and enforces the rules and fair business in the insurance field in the country.

The current managing director and the current chief executive officer is Mr. Vijay Shekhar Sharma. Him along with One97 and Paytm, own the insurance company in its entirety. Once the entire approval is over, Paytm will be owning only 74% of the company while the rest will go to VSS Holdings Private Limited which is an Indian based firm which is owned and run by the same man.

In an official document, it was stated that both Paytm and VSS Holdings Private Limited will be funding their joint project together.

With this new money, the general insurance subsidiary plans to widen and increase their operations as soon as possible and increase their reach, and also keep a healthy solvency margin so that the company can run its operations smoothly. A solvency margin refers to the difference between the assets and liabilities for insurance companies. The higher it is, the better for the company.

Once the company receives the necessary green light the company will commence with their operations where they are set to offer a whole host of service related to general insurance for personal and professional part of lives and companies. They will also offer vehicle insurance including ones for bikes and scooter, property insurance and healthcare insurance, and even liability insurance.

Insurance is a massive market in India and it seems like another player with a big budget is entering the market. Only time will tell if they succeed however.



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