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Philips files case against Xiaomi to get it banned in India

Philips files case against Xiaomi in Delhi High-court to get it banned from selling phones in India. The case was based on the allegation that Xiaomi has infringed a patent held by Philips. So, the company appealed to the court to prevent the manufacturing, assembling, importing and advertising of its products in the country. The devices by Xiaomi that uses UMTS and LTE tech, which caused the patent infringement.

Court’s orders

Philips files case against Xiaomi in delhi high court

Image Source: DNA India

As of now, there is no judgement or any form of clarity on the matter and who is at fault here. And the next hearing is going to happen on 18 January 2021. The court has also asked both the parties to maintain at least a sum of Rs 1000 crores in their bank accounts in India before 2nd December and file the details of the bank. Philips has also asked the Delhi-high court to put a temporary stop to the import of Xiaomi devices till they do not come to a conclusion.

Well, it is difficult to say on whose way the decision might go and we have to wait for that till the next date given by the court. It is clear that most probably the companies will settle for a particular amount which is most common in big profile cases. But if that doesn’t happen, it is going to be a very problematic situation for the company as China is already under India’s radar.

Do you think that the fact that Philips files case against Xiaomi is just an attention-grabbing move by the company? Or is there really a patent that Xiaomi has infringed? Let us know your take on the entire thing in the comments below. Also, if you found our content informative, do like and share it with your friends.

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