Pinterest introduces ‘hair pattern search’ on its platform, mainly for BIPOC users


Pinterest, the visual discovery platform is one of the most favorite apps that people love to use. The app helps users to find inspiration for various things on its platform including everything you can visually imagine, be it dressing styles, handwriting styles, home décor, desk setup, room ideas, design inspiration, wallpapers, and whatnot. The platform is unique and serves a separate niche from social media giants like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Having said that, Pinterest has recently launched its brand-new feature that will blow your mind. You can now search for hair patterns on the platform using the company’s latest computer vision-powered object detection technology, taking visual discovery to a whole new level. As mentioned in multiple reports, Pinterest has introduced this new search feature keeping BIPOC users in mind.

BIPOC stands for “Black, Indigenous and People of Color”.

This new technology by Pinterest will refine user search results by six different hair patterns including Shaved/bald, Coily, curly, protective, straight, and wavy, as mentioned in a report by Engadget. It is common for users to search for new inspiration for hairstyles on Pinterest, users have been doing it for years but now, with Pinterest’s latest unique computer vision technology, “trendy hairstyles”, “short curly hair”, “office hairstyle” and “party hairstyle” among several other popular searches will be refined by a hair pattern button that will narrow down your results to the best specifics.

Nevertheless, Engadget notes that Pinterest’s new hair pattern search option is now live in Canada, UK, New Zealand, Australia, and the United States. The function is available on Pinterest’s iOS and Android apps, and desktop website as well. The company has announced to roll out the update to other countries over the coming months of 2021 and 2022.

Annie Ra, Head of Inclusive Product at Pinterest says,

“Our mission on the Inclusive Product team is to help everyone feel like Pinterest is a place for them. As a visual discovery platform, we have an opportunity and responsibility to do a better job of increasing representation in the products we build. That’s why we built hair pattern search using computer vision technology to help identify hair patterns in images. By doing this, we hope we’re able to use technology for good and make it easier for people, no matter who they are, to find hair inspiration for them on Pinterest.”

People love to take styling inspirations from Pinterest and this new feature is an enhancement for POC users in that department. However, we can only comment on the user experience when we get a hands-on experience of searching for different hair patterns and most people are questioning the feature’s accuracy which we can only know when we try it. So what are you waiting for, go search for hair patterns on Pinterest and tell us your experience in the comments below.