Playstation Plus Games For November
Credit @ PayStation

Playstation Plus Games For November 2021

Sony has the announcement official for the Playstation Plus November 2021 free games lineup. The lineup includes two cross-gene games for PS4 and PS5, a PS4 game, and three PS VR games for a total of six free PS games for November 2021. The PlayStation Plus main program in November consists of the Dodgeball game Knockout City, the Parlour Game First Class Trouble, and the remastered remake of the Action role-playing game the Kingdom of Amalur. All five games are available on November 2 to PlayStation Plus subscribers, so there is still time to grab October titles such as Hell Let Loose, PGA Tour 2K21, and Mortal Kombat X if you haven’t already.

Playstation Plus Games For November
Credit @ PlayStation

Sony sticks to its traditional PS Plus schedule the free games were unveiled on 27 October at 4.30 pm BST and will be available on the morning of 2 November for download less than a week later. There will be six free games for PlayStation Plus subscribers to download for PS4, PS5, and PlayStation VR in November 2021 and the month is no exception.

As an extra bonus for players in November, three PSVR games will be added to the usual three PS5 and PS4 games. On the occasion of PSVR’s fifth anniversary, Sony announced via the PlayStation blog that three new PSVR titles will be given in addition to the normal selection of PS5 / PS4 games.  We know that Sony has added two previously unreported PSVR titles to the November list, Persistence and You Fall. Sony has confirmed that both games will be part of the Instant Game Collection next month and added Persistence: You Fall to the list of six PSVR games available on November 2.

PS5 PS5 players, here is your reminder to add multiplayer shooter Hell Let Loose, golf simulation PGA Tour 2K21, and single fighter Mortal Kombat X to your game library. The Kingdom of Amalur and First Class Trouble disappear, while the remaining three PSVR games remain in place for another two months, leaving PlayStation Plus until January 3.

Sony unveiled its lineup of Free Games that will be released on PlayStation Plus next month on PS5 and PS4. We look forward to a treat. It is a record result for PlayStation Plus in November, with a total of six titles to be added to the game library from Tuesday, November 2. The PlayStation Plus games of November 2021 will contain three games for PS4, two for PS5 natives, and three PSVR games to celebrate 5 years.

If you are a PS Plus member, you also get free access to exclusive games every month, special discounts on trial games, and the opportunity to play online multiplayer games. Sony pulled all the stops for PlayStation Plus games and dropped brand new releases alongside previously published PS5 games for its new system. This is the best month for PS Plus subscribers in a long time, with a total of six games awarded instead of just three.