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The Pokémon Company Officially Reveals Pokemon Trading Card Game Live App

Pokemon Company revealed that Pokemon Trading Card Game Live will be associated with the real-life trading card game with new booster packs that offer codes for cards to be used in the app. The upcoming Fusion Strike Pokemon TCG set, based on the Japanese Fusion Art set, will contain additional cards that have been cut from the Evolving Sky set due to the staggered release schedule of the games.

Pokemon Trading Card Game Live App

Credit @ The Pokémon Company

Players will also have the opportunity to customize their experience with customizable avatars, game accessories, daily quests, and more. In addition, players can scan a code card to purchase game booster packs and participate in daily quests.

Pokemon TCG Live was originally released as a free-to-play game. The new app allows coaches to enjoy the Pokemon trading card game in an updated digital format, making the game playable for the first time not only on tablets, PCs, and Macs but also on smartphones. The game offers a number of enhancements, including a new card logic engine that gives players more feedback on gameplay, events, ranks, ladder fights, passes, duplicate cards, credit protection, 3D avatars, updated visual effects, and smoother gameplay. The app is designed to be easy to learn how to play the game for beginners and offers existing players new challenges to improve and test their skills.

Players will be able to transfer their original application content to the Live Pokemon Trading Card Game when it launches – experience without restrictions from the start. When the game goes down at launch, all stored content for players with a Pokemon TCG online account will be automatically switched to the new game to ensure a seamless transition for all players.

The Pokemon Trading Card Game Live Experience is the next iteration of the Pokemon TCG, where players can experience a true in-game TCG which can be played on PC and mobile phones without having to upgrade the original application. It is freely playable and offers several ways to unlock content, including the continuing use of digital codes found on physical TCG products as well as new variants of game currency coins, credits, and crystals. The app is free to play and players can unlock content by completing daily quests.

The Celebration expansion, which was transferable at launch, will be playable at launch (except for cards from the Classic Collection, as it will not be playable until a future live Pokemon TCG update ). For mobile phones, PCs, and Macs, there will be a trial phase where players who do not want to convert their unopened product packs into crystals can open them in-game and log into the app to log in to the game for the first time.

Pokemon Trading Card Game Live App

Credit @ The Pokémon Company

Each player has a 60-card pack consisting of Pokemon Cards, Energy Cards, Items Cards, and Trainer Cards. When the deck is shuffled, each player draws a seven-card hand and the top six cards are taken as prize cards. You can add one prize card to each hand if you defeat the opposing Pokemon and claim victory, or if you pick six from your opponent. Each player has a total of six Pokemons in the game, with each turn being attacked by an active Pokemon. In September 2016, Niantic Buddy introduced Pokemon, a feature that allows players to pick up Pokemon that appear on a player’s profile screen and receive in-game rewards and bonuses based on the Pokemon they play.

Notable apps include Poke Radar, a Pokemon Go helper that allows players to crowdsource how much Pokemon they can find in the game at any given time. Worst of all, the online app Pokemon Trading Card Games has a Trainer Challenge mode designed to help new players learn the rules of the game by card, but the rules have not been updated since the release of the XY set.

Whether you are discovering the Pokemon series for the first time or rediscovering it with the latest video game Pokemon Go, now is the perfect time for fans of the red, blue, and green that landed on the original Game Boy to take on the 30-year-old counterpart of the series and learn how to play the Pokemon Trading Card Game.



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