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Polestar announces its O2 roadster concept donned as the Polestar 6

EV automaker Polestar continues to reveal its future models that will be launched in the market in the coming years. Now the EV maker reveals the O2 roadster concept, which will be dinner as the Polestar 6. Currently, it offers two EV models, Polestar 1 PHEV and Polestar 2 BEV.

Polestar's O₂ roadster concept will enter production as the Polestar 6

Image credits- Motonewstoday

The next model, Polestar 3 will be the automaker’s first all-electric SUV to be launched in the market by October this year. The next model would be Polestar 4 which is yet to be unveiled. This past July, Polestar’s CEO shared the price ranges consumers can expect to see on the Polestar 3 and 4.

In the fall of 2020, Polestar announced its Precept concept would be transitioned into a production model, offering a documentary series following its design journey. A year later, Polestar confirmed that the Precept would be known as the Polestar 5 sports sedan. The Polestar 5 made its first public (albeit camo’d) debut at Goodwood Festival in July ahead of production in 2024. Following a similar path to the Polestar 5, its creators have now announced its previously shared O₂ roadster will not just remain another concept, but will instead become the Polestar 6.

Polestar 6

Polestar shared the news of its latest EV nomenclature in a press release today, confirming a new model many fans of the brand were hoping would come following the initial O₂ concept unveiling in Los Angeles this past March. Polestar CEO Thomas Ingenlath explained the decision. “With the overwhelming consumer and press response, we took the decision to put this stunning roadster into production and I am so excited to make it a reality. Polestar 6 is a perfect combination of powerful electric performance and the thrill of fresh air with the top down.”

Consistent with what we learned at the O₂ event in March, the Polestar 6 will sit upon the automaker’s bespoke bonded aluminum platform and will be developed entirely in-house. To celebrate the Polestar 6’s rare and refreshing graduation from concept to production model, the EV company says it will build 500 numbered units of a special “Polestar 6 LA Concept edition.” This initial and exclusive run of the roadsters will feature the “Sky blue exterior (seen above), light leather interior, and unique 21” wheels – all featured on the original Polestar O₂ concept.

Polestar has unique design and sustainability in its new EV lineups. The Polestar 5 concept has amazed people, as it is rarely made content. It is said to be different and could potentially be a strong rival for Tesla as it expands. Their vehicles are sporty and have a strong wheelbase.



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