Photo by ThisIsEngineering from Pexels
Photo by ThisIsEngineering from Pexels

Popular Fitness Apps

The essential benefits of fitness and good health are endless. Consistency and discipline are two crucial factors for making the most out of it. The advancing technology has made life easier by offering virtual trainers to keep individuals motivated and accountable for their efforts and progress. Listed below are some of the best-known fitness apps, trusted by most around the world. 

Photo by ThisIsEngineering from Pexels
Photo by ThisIsEngineering from Pexels

1. Home Workout – No Equipment

It is a free application available on Google Play Store, available with in-app purchases. Now people don’t need to hit the gym for long-term results. Lose weight or go for strength building right from the comfort of homes. Syncing Home Workouts with the Apple Health app offers daily guides and reminders throughout the workout training period. 

2. 10K Runner

This app is suitable for beginners as well as 5k runners who are aiming to reach 10k. It offers appropriate guidance for users to go from zero to 5K in approximately eight weeks. Once on track with the app, it can help 5k runners to reach the 10k running goal in almost 6 weeks. This app can be used alternately to walk or run intervals through audio guidance from virtual trainers. 

3. Biostrap App

This fitness application was designed by the fitness mobile app development, December Labs. It is essentially a health tracker, helping users to change their lifestyle and habits for the better. This application offers sleep analysis and custom insights on it, heart rate measurement and its variability, blood oxygen saturation, respiratory rate, and remote monitoring. 

4. Fitness and Bodybuilding Pro

It is a fitness application that allows its users to become their trainers. Video and text instructions for different workout plans help users to get through each plan. The plans may focus on specific muscle groups, consisting of timers, calendars, and lists of workout plans. All of these can be customized as per user needs. 

5. Nike Training Club

It is yet another free application that offers family-friendly workout plans. It consists of over 200 workouts that include cardio, strength, yoga, and much more without the need to use any equipment or gym. The application provides a library of advanced workout videos, aspiring people to become athletic. 

6. Workout Trainer

Dive into the next level of fitness level with Workout Trainer. This application removes any worry related to having the right equipment. All workouts within this app require little to no equipment. Customized plans are also available, curated, and guided by trainers with instructed videos, voice guidance, and photos. 

7. 30-day Fitness at Home

Sync this application with the Apple Health app for automatically tracking fitness achievements and goals. It allows users to remain motivated through reminders to work out. As the name suggests, several 30-day challenges are offered for different body parts. It may include the glutes, abs, and the entire body. 

8. Runtastic

Runtastic is an easy fitness app for tracking time, distance, speed, calories burnt, and elevations. Besides, a voice coach provides audio feedback and progress statistics to analyze training patterns. Head over to this app to start with yearly running goals today.

9.  MyFitnessPal

This application is specifically meant to keep the nutrition and diet on track. It offers a massive food database, recipe importer, barcode scanner, calorie counter, food insights, and restaurant logger. This allows users to get a comprehensive idea of the nutrition plans in need. 

10. Runkeeper

It is a popular app for reaching running goals. Run tracks, review stats, and set measurable goals. Virtual assistant voices on the app relay the pace, time, distance, and customized plans to keep the users going. 

Wrap Up!

Thousands of fitness applications are available on app stores. This article covers some of the most popular and well-known applications. However, having endless options can be daunting and confusing. In that case, make sure to choose an app from the list above based on your needs.