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Porsche confident about 2022 sales growth despite semiconductor shortage

Porsche’s  Detlev von Platen stated, “When I look at the current orders, I’m confident for 2022. Growth in sales could reach a similarly high level this year as in 2021.” The news comes as the automaker received a record with the 2021 sales by selling 301,915 units. The growth is predicted to reach 335,000 units this year.

Porsche expects another record year for sales despite chip shortage, says mag

Image credits- Car Sifu

Van Platen said Porsche wanted to hire 400 more workers. The carmaker has a workforce of nearly 40,000. The high demand was leading to longer delivery times, he said.”Wait times can last several months, in some cases up to a year,” von Platen said.

Carmakers around the world have been hit by a shortage of semiconductors caused by COVID-19 supply-chain disruptions as well as soaring semiconductor demand at consumer electronic companies. Back in January, Platen stated, “Despite the challenges posed by the semi-conductor shortage and the disruption caused by the Covid-19 pandemic we have been working hard to enable more customers than ever before to fulfill their dream of owning a Porsche. Demand remains high and our order books are looking very robust, so we start 2022 full of momentum and confidence in all regions of the world.”

Worldwide demand

The models with the highest demand in 2021 were again the brand’s SUVs, led by the Macan. 88,362 customers became Macan owners. The Cayenne followed in second place with 83,071 vehicles. The all-electric Porsche Taycan saw an outstanding increase: a total of 41,296 units, which is more than double the number of deliveries compared to the previous year. The sports car icon, the 911, was also handed over to more customers than ever before with 38,464 deliveries. The Panamera saw 30,220 deliveries. The 718 Boxster and 718 Cayman were delivered to 20,502 customers.

Porsche increased its deliveries in all sales regions worldwide. Growth was especially strong in the USA, where 22 percent more vehicles were delivered than in the previous year. In total, 70,025 U.S. customers bought a model from the extensive product range. Across the Americas, Porsche made 84,657 deliveries, also representing an increase of 22 percent. China remains the largest single market for sports car manufacturers and recorded an excellent overall result in 2021 with an increase of eight percent over an already record year of 2020. In total, 95,671 vehicles were delivered to Chinese customers despite the challenges posed by supply bottlenecks. Overall, there were 131,098 deliveries in the Asia-Pacific, Africa, and Middle East region, which is eight percent more than in 2020. Demand has also risen in the home market of Germany with 28,565 vehicles delivered, representing an increase of nine percent. In total, 86,160 vehicles were handed over to customers in Europe. (The above data about Porsche 2021 sales is from Porsche Newsroom.)



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