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Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo sets Guinness World Record driving through Eagle Mine

Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo sets Guinness World Record by driving through Eagle Mine, 1,774.4 feet below sea level. The location is known to be one of the lowest drivable points in the world with rough terrain. The vehicle set a record by driving through Eagle Mine all the way to more civilized roads.

Three Miles Up: team Sets Extraordinary New Altitude Record

Image credits- Porsche Newsroom

Motivated by curiosity, they’ve driven a Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo on a record-breaking journey from deep underground to the top of a mountain. In a little over a day, they navigated from the lowest point they could access in America by car, to one of the highest – a vertical distance of nearly five kilometers – traveling more than 2,250 kilometers between the two, pausing only for both humans and the car to momentarily re-charge. Their achievement has been recognized by Guinness World Records – setting a new benchmark for the greatest altitude change ever achieved by an electric car.

“It started as a ‘what if?’ – a passion project, mixing our love for cars and travel and taking it to extremes,” explains Musial. “We wanted to drive from the lowest point in America to one of the highest, Pikes Peak – where we’ve spent countless hours filming the famous hill climb. The project relied on a lot of goodwill, and a car that’s pretty much unique in its mix of abilities.”

Eagle Mine

The lowest point in America is Badwater Basin in Death Valley, at 86 meters below sea level. To go any deeper, you have to go underground. And so the team did exactly that, thanks to the generous support of the enthusiast staff and operators at Eagle Mine in Michigan. This high-grade nickel and copper mine is the only mine in America where a car can be driven to sufficient depths, down a ramp usually used by specialist mining vehicles.

Due to the Taycan Cross Turismo being a pure BEV vehicle as well as being capable off-road with raised ride height and all-wheel drive, it met Eagle Mine’s criteria for being allowed to drive through the portal and into the tunnel itself. This makes it one of the very few cars in the world with the right mix of capabilities to be able to attempt the trip – without any modification and using completely standard road tires. And so, after rigorous safety training, the team was granted access to the very lowest part of the excavation – a depth of 540.8 meters below sea level.

Credits- Porsche Newsroom



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