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Pre-Orders for PlayStation 5 will be live on August 26 in India

Pre-Orders for PlayStation 5

Credit @ Sony

The final pre-order of the PlayStation 5 in India will take place on August 26. The last time PlayStation 5 was pre-ordered was on July 26 in India, the PlayStation 5 quickly sold out. The Playstation 5 inventory will be released in India on August 26 at noon. Sony’s e-store for PlayStation 5 is on its way, with various lines and platforms having the console on the market. The listings for the PlayStation 5 can still be found live on several such websites.

The list has remained on a number of such websites to this day. Advertisements for the PlayStation 5 are already available on several other online platforms that have already offered the console for sale. Other websites such as Amazon, Flipkart, Game Shop, Vijay Sales, Prepaid Gamer Cards, Croma, and Game Loot also list the pre-order dates mentioned above, indicating that the console will be available on all of these sites on the same list.

On various websites that match Amazon / Flipkart and video game stores such as Vijay Sales, Pay-As-You-Go, Gamers Card, Croma Recreation, and Loot Checklist, the date of console pre-orders is listed twice, suggesting that this is a way to play since all listings have an identical date of August 26. The pre-order registration is aimed at existing PlayStation Plus users, who seem to have been selected by Sony according to certain criteria. There are also PS5 accessories and games that can be purchased from Sony’s online store.

Pre-Orders for PlayStation 5

Credit @ Sony

According to multiple media reports, in the second half of 2021, supplies of Sony’s PlayStation 5 will be limited due to the shortage of chips. The PS5 demand exceeds its supply, which makes many gamers unable to get their hands on Sony’s latest offering. Sony was unable to keep up with skyrocketing demand and struggled to restock apart from all these problems Sony still managed to sell 10 million PS5 units making it the best-selling console in the company’s history. Sony has announced new games coming to the PlayStation Plus in August. PlayStation Plus members will be able to add these games to their library from September 6. Entries for PlayStation 5 are live on a number of such sites, but without a date.

From the grey market purchases and parallel imports available since consoles were launched in November 2020 and the console went officially on sale, it was February 2, 2021, that made the PS5 the country’s best-selling console. Sony said nothing had changed in its top-selling console. The company also noted that the PS5 is the fastest-growing and best-selling console in history.



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