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“If you are not able to raise money it means that you are not ready to raise money yet!” – Manish Sharma of Printo

Manish Sharma along with his wife Lalana Zaveri started Printo in 2006 out of Bangalore. Today, Printo is a very well known name in the printing industry in India, is a profitable company and is expanding rapidly. In an interview with Techstory, Manish Sharma talks about the journey of Printo, their future plans, building great companies out of India, hiring and keeping the right talent and competition and funding in the Indian market.

About Printo

In 2006 when we started, it was difficult to get anything printed in smaller volumes. There was this huge gap in the market and individual and small businesses were a highly undeserved segment. Before we put up our first shop we started talking to Infosys about setting up a captive like shop for them that will provide design and scanning services for the company. We knew that going the retail way would take a lot of time to commercialize and wanted to go the corporate way. We set up a shop outside the Infosys campus in Bangalore. However, eventually it turned out that retail worked much faster and better than enterprise sales. Today we have 16 stores in Bangalore and have set up our second store in Hyderabad. Also, we wish to expand to the north Indian side of the country. We plan to build about 75 stores in the next 3 to 4 years.