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Project Veritas fails again in scheming, this time target was Fox News

Project Veritas, the self-proclaimed whistleblower and investigative journalism organization has landed on its face yet again. This time they were trying to frame Fox News into one of their malicious plots. Usually, their victims have been liberal groups mostly opponents of the conservative far-right wing leader President Donald Trump. Their current target definitely put the audience in a spiral as Fox News by popular assumption leans towards the right-wing.

In their latest so-called investigative journalism, they collaborated with Ivory Hecker to take their cameras inside the offices of Fox 26 Houston. The news channel’s general assignment reporter Ivory Hecker secretly recorded conversations of her colleagues to discredit the news station.

In one piece of recording the channels, assistant director Lee Meir can be seen elaborating on why the TV ratings have compelled him to remove Bitcoin stories from news segments. He further goes on to say that the target audience is the poor African-American community who doesn’t really benefit from the news thus he is forbidding such stories in the news segment.

Ivory Hecker took critical issue with the editorial decision to sweep off cryptocurrency from its list. She took this opportunity to bash the channel for not endorsing Donald Trump’s claim of Hydroxychoroquine as a miracle drug for Covid-19. She had previously endorsed these claims of former US President even after they were regarded as claims with no scientific basis.

She also claimed that the channel was running pro-vaccination stories because the channels biggest was Centre for Disease Control and Prevention. The final accusation was that the channel had offered her a job which the channel categorically denied and said it was all farce.

Looking at the history of accusations Project Veritas has levelled against various organizations this is a new low for them and not probably the best shot for cashing in at any self-created controversy. Maybe they should employ Ivory Hecker as she is already looking for a job and might have the required credentials too.



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