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Sony Announces First Official PS5 Console Bundle That Comes With Horizon Forbidden West

PS5 and the Horizon Forbidden West bundle are now listed on PlayStation Directs U.S. website as well, though not available to buy at this time. Listened on the PlayStation Direct Sony site itself, it was revealed that PlayStation is planning on soon to launch the PS5 bundle, which would be packaged with the Horizon Forbidden West game from Guerrilla. PlayStation Directs shop currently shows Horizon Forbidden West as being part of an upcoming PS5 disc-and-digital-only bundle. What is nice to note is that both standard and digital versions of PS5 are included with the first official PS5 bundle, so you will have a choice on which is best for you.

PS5 BundlePlayStation Direct has just listed both PS5 and the Playstation 5 Digital Editions with this title, and after spending some time on virtual shelves in the UK, the bundle is now also available for American customers. The bundle is not yet up for grabs, but you will want to make sure to sign up to get a shot at buying a PS5 on PlayStation Direct. Now, PlayStation is going to do bundles as well with PlayStation 5, though that first bundle in question is not yet available for purchase.

Somewhere in between 2-4 bundles are being made available for purchase, with some of the latest PS5 games and high-end accessories included each time. No matter what PS5 model you pick, a voucher containing the key for a game is included in the bundle, redeemable at PlayStation Store. I would also like to confirm today that going forward, first-party PlayStation cross-gen titles that are new releases for both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 both digital and physical will have an upgrade option for $10 USD from PS4 to PS5.

Since the Sony video game consoles were first released back in November 2020. Horizon Forbidden West is by far the biggest PS5 title released so far this year, so as supply has dried up on the PS5, consumer demand has started rising again in significant numbers for the first time since last year’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

It is also worth noting that, although admittedly less well-known, Horizon Forbidden West comes bundled for each PlayStation 5 console, ostensibly as a brief technical demonstration of the new features included with the DualSense controller. It is also worth noting that, while Demons Souls is certainly less high-profile than Horizon Forbidden West, Every PlayStation 5 console comes with its Astros Playroom, which is obviously a short tech demo to demonstrate the new features included in the DualSense controller. Of course, no new Naughty Dog-developed titles are yet available for the game, and Metal Gear Solid 4 is basically MIA, the PS-exclusive Horizon Forbidden West initially seemed a sensible alternative for a PlayStation 5 bundle.



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