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Pundi X to launch an Open Platform for businesses and blockchain developers

Pundi X

08 May 2019, India:

Blockchain payment service provider, Pundi X has announced that it will soon open up its platform called Open Platform for developers and companies to list digital tokens within XPOS, XWallet and XPASS.

The platform will also allow the creation of customized XPASS cards within the same ecosystem.

XPOS is the blockchain-powered wireless point-of-sale (POS) solution. It allows merchants and consumers to easily buy, sell and transact using digital assets in physical stores.

The XWallet mobile app forms the connective tissue between the regular digital asset wallets and the Pundi X payment ecosystem.

Users can manage their digital assets through the XWallet. They can check their current balances, or top-up the supported digital assets in the XWallet.

Beginning June 2019, developers and companies will be able to register and upload their ERC20 digital assets as well as having the ability to create and customise their own virtual and physical XPASS cards, the company said in a statement.

Custom tokens that are submitted to the Open Platform will have to be reviewed and evaluated by the compliance team. Upon approval, the developers or companies can have their ERC20 digital tokens listed in the Pundi X payment ecosystem, the statement added.

Zac Cheah, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Pundi X, said, “Opening our platform will enable blockchain developers and businesses to create more use cases for their digital assets. There will be a review process to list the digital assets. Once approval is provided after the review, digital tokens will be listed on the XPOS and XWallet. These newly listed digital tokens can be purchased.”

Zac Cheah, added, “The XPASS card as we all know, can be considered a physical crypto wallet which allows customers to top up and use their digital assets easily. With just a tap to complete a transaction, the XPASS offers a simple and yet elegant way for customers to purchase goods and services from any store where our XPOS devices have already been deployed.”

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