Pune based startup, ThriveFNC secured seed funding

ThriveFNC, a Pune based startup focused on reversing lifestyle disorders, has now secured an undisclosed amount of funding from Rajesh, Executive Director at Fung Strategic Investments.

ThriveFNC was founded by Mugdha Pradhan in 2017. It claims that it uses an innovative approach to reversing and curing chronic illness with a combination of science-backed functional nutrition guidelines along with harnessing ancient wisdom from traditional medical systems.

Speaking on the funding, Rajesh said,

“Thrive is in a great position to become a key player in the healthtech space in India. At a time when every country in the world is struggling to find ways to unlock the economy and the large population of the world has resigned to a horde of lifestyle disorders, the importance of addressing pre-existing and chronic lifestyle disorders was never felt so strongly before.”