Microsoft has not been a competitive rival lately and is only focusing on growth and diversification of the brand that it is today. Recently, Microsoft discovered a new ransomware that is targeting only Google’s Android devices. As soon as the tech giant learnt about this new problem that is attacking Android users, they issued an alert to Google.

According to reports, this new ransomware that has locked a specific target is called MalLocker.B and is spreading to Android devices through Websites and Forums.
While researching about this issue, it was found that MalLocker.B is hidden inside malicious android apps and the users should be extra careful in not to download software and apps directly from websites as they are not protected and verified by Google as opposed to apps on Google Play Store.

Credits: https://rb.gy/ttcnvj


The newly found ransomware does everything to your Android smartphone that is not supposed to be done. For starters, this does not encrypt your device like other malware to access private information in your phone. Instead, it freezes the whole phone. This ransomware prevents users from using their phone screen. It also displays a message that claims to be from a law enforcement agency that asks for money or fine to unlock the device.
It is known via sources that MalLocker.B uses “call notifications” to get activated. Whenever the user gets an incoming call, this ransomware gets activated, shows the message asking for fine. When the user clicks the lock button or home button or volume buttons, this ransomware immediately locks the screen and the user sees the message displayed on the screen again.

Microsoft talked about and discussed the MalLocker.B ransomware and explained that it is not like any other malware. This virus will not affect your personal files but will block the screen for you so that you cannot access those files. The company spokesperson also revealed that the ransomware message contains threats and instructions to pay the fine.
Also, experts have said that the code of this virus is simple which means it will spread very quickly to multiple phones running on Android OS.

Credits: https://rb.gy/dgz9ak


In order to save yourself from the freezing ransomware, Android users are advised not to download apps from third-party websites or from any unknown sources. These apps are not verified and cannot be trusted by any means. Always make sure to download apps from verified sources such as Google Play Store.
In mentioning this ransomware, Microsoft commented that it is a good thing that the company has detected the malware. This ransomware works differently and this behaviour has not been seen before. Analysts can analyse the behaviour pattern of the virus and follow the trail for other new malware.