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Rattan India Acquired a two-wheeler EV firm Revolt Intellicorp

Rattan India Enterprises Ltd made a public statement that the company is aligning with Revolt Intellicorp. With a next-gen mobility company to step into the electric vehicle space.

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Two-wheeler Rovolt Intellicorp

Revolt is created for the smart world which is promoted by Rahul Sharma, co-founder of Micromax. Furthermore, Revolt Intellicorp is working on a vision to make electronic vehicles standardized for the next generation’s future. Such that a 100% reachability and 0% fuel remnants. Also, the company has launched India’s first AI-enabled motorcycle with all the features and capabilities of a regular motorcycle.

Additionally, to expand its footmark all over India after the company’s touchstone in holding up the two-wheeler vehicle market with electric motorcycles. They are setting 18 million km on-road and processing 329 million data records to date. Leading to the company collaborating with Rattan India.

Deal with Rattan India

As the deal undergoes with the demands that Rattan India. It gets 50% of the board’s presence in Revolt Intellicorp. And Rajiv Rattan will be the chairman of the board of Revolt. This deal has been set to 150 crores.

Also, this deal would be the first investment by RattanIndia Enterprises in modern manufacturing. Furthermore, talking about the investment, Founder and Chairman of RattanIndia, Rajiv Rattan said, “We are very excited to join hands with Revolt Intellicorp and be a part of the electric mobility shift. Which is undoubtedly poised to be at the forefront of India’s next green revolution. We have built big businesses in the past and are committed to ensuring a roaring success for this business as well. We firmly believe that speed of adoption of EVs in the country will be beyond anybody’s imagination.”

Expanding business

Alongside, Revolt will be launching its fresh capital to expand its service and distribution. With around 35 cities across all over India. Besides this, Company stated that every product will be the only in-house design that is Made in India with world-class equipment.

Speaking about this deal, Rahul Sharma founder of Intellicorp said, “At Revolt Intellicorp, we are determined at providing better and safer e-mobility solutions to our customers. Despite challenges brought by the pandemic, Revolt India has emerged as a global powerhouse expanding its footprint to 6 cities across India. Our partnership with RattanIndia Enterprise Ltd. complements our vision to offer eco-friendly transportation solutions. As well as look forward to expanding our reach to a larger base of customers across top 35 Indian cities.”

This investment expands the Revolt’s determination to provide world-class electric mobility products. These goals are modest and available to every Indian Citizen.

Additionally, RattanIndia Enterprises is completely centered on its business development. And will leave a huge impact on Indian society by launching technology. Further continuing to invest money in such modern age businesses.



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