Reasons for Password Protecting Your PDF Files


Every individual and business have their reasons for protecting their PDF files. However, there are basically two main reasons for which people like to lock their PDF files. Those two reasons are – controlling the access to the PDF document and controlling who is permitted to edit the document.

There are some significant documents in a business that it does not want to be altered. How you want to lock your PDF document completely depends on why you want to keep it protected.

When you decide to lock your PDF file, you have to define what type of restrictions you want to implement. You can restrict others from editing, copying, and print the PDF file using Adobe Acrobat

The primary reasons why people put privacy on their PDF documents are –

1.    To Maintain the Integrity of The Content

Locking the PDF document is very helpful in maintaining the uniqueness and integrity of the content. The PDF document gets locked when you export your document into PDF and then lock it.

There are some situations when you have to put an embedded form in the PDF file. In such a situation, it is important for the user to lock the file so that people filling the embedded form may not be able to access your document.

2.    To Limit the Access

Another reason for locking the PDF document is not to let unauthorized people access the document. If your PDF document has confidential information, you can lock it to protect the confidentiality of the data.

For example, if your PDF product is only available to some specific marketers and subscribers who have paid for that document, you can limit the access.

Limiting the access defines who is going to view the PDF document. The PDF locking also ensures that if someone has got the access to the document, the person with whom he has shared that document will not be able to view it.

3.    To Protect the Copyright

If you don’t want the law of copyright to be broken, you can protect the PDF document by locking it. For this, the primary way that is adopted to lock the document is to encrypt it with the password so that unauthorized people may not be able to view it. It prevents those people from copying and printing the document.

According to the copyright law, the owner of the original work protects his work from being reproduced by anyone else. There are some severe penalties for the people who reproduce the work of someone else.

4.    To Stop Editing

Your work may be your identification. If anyone gets access to the PDF document, your work may get edited which can spoil your reputation. If you have created a document, then no one has a right to change it. You have a right to protect it from being changed.

You may want to access the locked PDF for many reasons. If your intentions for unlocking the PDF document are not wrong, you can visit