Reddit launches its own TikTok-like video section on iOS

Source: How-To Geek

The social news aggregator, discussion website, and web content rating platform, Reddit is counted in the likes of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for its following. The platform is well known in the technology industry and people love to use Reddit for sharing links, videos, photos, and texts. The users can form their own community on the platform and it is just crazy how the app competes with the top social media platforms in the industry.

Having said that, Reddit is another name added to the list of platforms and applications that have copied TikTok features. Facebook’s Instagram, Twitter, and now Reddit. In the latest update, Reddit has launched its very own TikTok style video section tab, sitting right next to the search bar. As mentioned in a report by TechCrunch and noted by The Verge, Reddit says that the video feed pulls its content from subreddits that users follow. Well, some of the content comes from the subreddits followed by users while the rest is based on Reddit’s algorithm.

The TikTok-like feature on Reddit started rolling out on iOS devices on Friday and till now, everyone is still getting the hang of it, except for TikTok users because they already know how the feature works, LOL!

The new video feed on Reddit is similar to TikTok in its vertical scrolling list and videos are curated from the wide range of subreddits on the platform. The only thing that analysts are unable to figure out is the algorithm of the platform, how it works. Other than this, Reddit users can react to these videos through ‘upvote’ and ‘downvote’ options along with commenting ‘awarding’ and sharing content, as mentioned in a report by The Verge.

In addition to this, the report also mentions that the company declined to comment on its algorithm and even answer a direct question on how it pulls content on the new videos section. TikTok is popular worldwide for its algorithm and will Reddit be able to earn that fame depends on how they pull and show data to users outside of their subreddits circle.

Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, and more have their own versions of TikTok, some worked out to be very popular among its users while some are still struggling to get that kind of attention from users. Reddit is the newest entrant in this race and as far as this platform is concerned, Reddit is going to incorporate more video-based features and tools in its platform in the future. Well, it was made clear the day when Reddit acquired Dubsmash, let’s see what the company brings to the table.