GTA Online Los Santos Tuners Update

Register as a VIP in Grand Theft Auto: GTA 5
Become a VIP in GTA V and get tips on how to conquer Los Santos

Grand Theft Auto V is out now and ready to be played. The game is set against a bleak backdrop of Los Santos. Los Santos once a booming metropolis is now just space amidst economic uncertainty and chaos, filled with phonies and schemers. The game is a wonderful display of storytelling and gameplay in which you the player in and out of the lives of the three main characters. The main characters are portrayed as Franklin, a hustler who is looking to make serious money, Michael an ex-con unable to find the opportune moment to retire, and Trevor who is fair to say a violet maniac looking for his next cheap high.

Excited to play GTA V well we’re excited to show you how to, read further

How to Register as a VIP in Grand Theft Auto V

  1. Go to Interaction Menu
  2. Click on SecuroServ where you will have the option to ‘Register as a VIP’
  3. Tap on the option and name your organization to become a VIP
  4. Back in the Interaction Menu, you will see SecuroServ VIP

Things to keep in mind while playing as a VIP

  • You cannot play with another organization with the same name and changing your name may come at a cost so choose an appropriate name
  • You are allowed to play for 4 hours as a VIP in free mode after which there will be a 12-hour gap where the option is unavailable to you.
  • There can only be 6 VIP’s in a session at any given time
  • You are given the option to fire and hire other players as bodyguards, with a limit of 3 bodyguards per VIP.
  • The Terminate option is available if you suspect any bodyguard of foul play

Things to keep in mind as a Bodyguard

All you need to do to become a bodyguard is open the Interactive Menu, tap on SecuroServ, and select the option ‘Looking for work’. Wait for someone who is looking for services and you are ready to go.

  • Your payouts reduce by 5% every time your VIP dies with a limit of 50%
  • A bodyguard can call in on a vehicle nearby if owned by the VIP
  • A way to rack up your RP is by driving your VIP which pumps up 600 RP and 400 riding along.