How to Play Poker, Kahoot and Heads-up on Zoom
Here is a step by step guide on how to play games on zoom

Zoom has undoubtedly been the buzzword since the start of this pandemic. As the countries passed stay-at-home orders, the traffic has passed on from the roads to the internet. a way to connect professionally and otherwise has been through zoom and other such platforms to conduct meetings. In an attempt to make conferences more enjoyable and less tiresome Zoom has gone above and beyond to add features to hook users onto their platforms. Their recent attempt at it has resulted in Zoom adding games to their meetings. Here is how to install and play games on Zoom, read further to know more.

Step by Step Guide on How to Play games on Zoom

Know how to get these games on Zoom and play along with your friends while on call

  1.  Access your Zoom account
  2. Search for games in Zoom Marketplace to play games like Headsup, Kahoot, or Poker, make sure to install the app
  3. Initiate a call like you would any other
  4. Find and tap on the Zoom Apps tab at the bottom of your screen to start the game
  5. Once you have set the game and filled in the required information to begin, ask for your friends to join in.

Zoom’s product lead for Apps, Ross Mayfield, told the BBC how he saw apps being used in Zoom:

Using apps for things like taking notes, whiteboarding, logging action items and managing your tasks to make you more productive.”

And beyond work, he envisages apps “including video games, casual games, charades, board games, card games, things like that, as a way of playing with friends and family. Game developers are actually building games specifically for team-building exercises, icebreakers, and kind of keeping that social connectivity in the changing world.”

Play games like Lightning Scavenger Hunts, Conference Call Bingo, and Guess Who. These games involve Zoom features like breakout rooms, whiteboards, screen sharing, and reactions. These games are either free or won’t require a whole lot of the budget. These games are to have fun, relax, and either be used as a team-building exercise or just for fun. looking at the screen doesn’t always have to be stressful and work-related now employees can also have fun after hour-long business calls.