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Reliance Jio Preparing To Unleash Their New 5G Mobile, Jio Laptop By Second Half Of 2021
Reliance Jio, India's top smartphone operator is on plans to unveil it's new JioBook (Jio Laptop) and new cheapest 5G smartphone, expected to start later this year, here is what you should know

One of India’s most important telcos, Reliance Jio aims to introduce a new entry-level 5G smartphone and entry-level 4G laptop (rumored to be named Jiobook laptop) later this year, after its ultra-low-cost JioPhone is launched in the world

As per a new analysis, during this year’s Annual General Meeting, Reliance Jio will present its all-new 4G laptop called JioBook and a 5G smartphone.

The findings come from Telecom Talk and state that in the second half of the year Reliance plans to launch its devices.

The 5G phone input level runs the JioOS variant that may be built on the Google platform for Android or Android. In uninitiated cases, Android Go is the lightweight Android version for entrance-level devices by Google.

New 5G Smartphone Laptop (Name Rumoured To be Jiobook) From Jio

Reliance Jio Planning To Unveil A Cheaper 5G Smartphone In India

Reliance Jio Planning To Unveil A Cheaper 5G Smartphone In India

As per an executive who knows this but is still in discussions with Google, the Indian telecoms giant says “where is the Android version supposed to be a 5G smartphone.

” The manager also says that the Jio 5G smartphone is a cheap device with entrance requirements. In addition, when Reliance introduces its anticipated 5G services in the region, the device will support a 5G connectivity. Apart from that, the smartphone is not available at this time.

However, we know from the JioBook that Reliance has been working since September last year with a Chinese electronics company Bluebank Communication Technology.

Also, Jio is set to begin assembling the devices from mid-May this year, as per the previous report.

Reliance Jio Plans To Unveil It's All-New Affordable Range Jiobook Laptop In India

Reliance Jio Plans To Unveil It’s All-New Affordable Range Jiobook Laptop In India

We know that there are currently two storage versions of the device – the 2GB LPDDR4X RAM + 32GB EMMC Storage Variant and the 4 GB LPDDR4X RAM + 64GB EMM C 5.1 Storage – to draw our attention to the JioBook’s internal data. But it’s not finalized yet.

A mini HDMI connector, Bluetooth, WLAN, 4G connectivity, 3axes accelerometer, and a Qualcomm Audio Chip are required to be packed on the handset.

Expectations On Pricing & Availability In Markets

Regrettably, there are no specifics about the pricing of the next JioBook and 5G smartphones now.

However, We anticipate the Smartphone and laptop to be priced under Rs 5.000 and Rs 15,000, respectively, given Jio’s price strategy, for the low-income population.

The company’s 2021 Annual General Meeting is slated to launch both of these gadgets for the second half of the year. We’ll inform you about further updates in the future.

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