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Remove archived chat box on the top of Android screen: Whatsapp
Learn how to remove the archived chat box on the top of Whatsapp and the latest on the 'Read Later' feature.

The archive feature helps users hide messages from archived contacts and group chats. Archived messages and group chats remain hidden from users but the constant reminder on the top of your screen can be an eye sour. Read further if you want to stop seeing the archived chat box on the top your screen.

Disclaimer: This will however reverse the feature and the messages will no longer remain hidden.

How to Remove the ‘Archived’ chat box from appearing on the top of your screens

  1.  First go to the Whatsapp app on your android phones and click on the ‘Archived’ chat box. Displayed on the top of your screens.
  2.  On the top right corner of the screen you will see an icon with three dots. Click on the icon to go to ‘Archive settings’.
  3. Once you click on the ‘Archive settings’ you can see an option to ‘Keep Chats Archived’.
  4.  By disabling the option the Archived chat box will disappear from the top of your screens. You can always enable the feature if you want messages to remain archived.

Whatsapp’s new feature: ‘Read Later’

Whatsapp is working on a new feature called ‘Vacation Mode’ which replaces ‘Archived Messages’ to ‘Read Later’. The new feature which is not available yet mute ‘Read Later’ messages until you disable ‘Vacation Mode’ and are ready to view these chats. The company is aiming to reduce user interruptions. By using this feature users are now able to mute messages till they can be viewed at a later date.

The company has resumed working on the feature earlier last year after discarding the idea the year before. The ‘Read Later’ chat box will be placed on the top of the screen as of now. WABetaInfo explains,

“To reduce interruptions, chats with new messages stay here and you won’t get any notifications.”

WhatsApp is on the works to improve this function, the latest update will display a ‘Read Later’ chat box on the top of your screens. The message reads, “All chats are muted to reduce interruptions.” The function can be disabled as easily as it was enabled by going to the chat settings. The release date of the new feature is not announced as of yet. More updates soon.