Restaurant discriminates woman because she is Islam

It’s quite uncommon to see people being discriminated against for their caste or colour at restaurants nowadays. But when it happens, it really hurts. Recently, Salma, a Tiktoker, posted a video where she shared how Gigi Restaurant discriminates against woman because of their religion. This might happen to you too.

So, what happened is she went for lunch at the place and was told that she needed to book a table beforehand. So, she asked if she could do it for dinner and was told no, you need to book at least 2 weeks in advance.

So, she came outside. Salma then says, “I  was like, OK, and then I checked my phone, and I can actually book you for tomorrow.”

Then she asked her friend Tony to go in and see if the only reason she has declined a table was her religion. And very well, that turned out to be the reason.

Tony went in and asked, “Do you have any delivery food for today? And she’s like, yeah, for when? For dinner for now.”

The restaurant staff also asked how many people so Tony said let me get my friend and came outside.

Salma says, “I’m like, fuming right now. I’m gonna go in. I’m just going to be like you just told me. There’s not really busy. I’m going to confront her.”

Salma was very upset because she was being discriminated against for her religion. So, ultimately she went in with her friend and confronted the staff.

She was told that they had a booking, but since there was a no-show, they are able to give a table now. However, we all know that is not the case.

Salma said that she even didn’t bother to check when she walked in. On the other hand, when Tony requested a table, she was very nice to her.

Watch the video here:


Replying to @Isabella I have no words for what happened. #gigiparis #gigirestaurant #paris #france #fyp #hijabi #fypシ゚viral

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One of the users commented in the video, “so she had a bs excuse for the dinner (cancellation), wonder what her excuse would be for telling you to book 2 weeks in advance.”

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