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Rivian R1T’s interior first look from videos shared by lucky passengers

Most awaited Rivian R1T deliveries are to start in July. Some lucky passengers got the chance to have a first look at its interior, UI, and other controls in action. While the pictures are a bit blurry, the videos posted in Rivian Forum show more details.

Inside of Rivian R1T

Image credits- Rivian Forum

This year in February, Rivian’s CEO hinted that there would be a drift mode for Rivian R1T. However, these videos don’t clarify whether there is a drift mode. Furthermore, it can be seen that the user can adjust settings and other options from the screen. The photo shows that the ride was set to stiff, break regen was high, and reduces stability. Some of the modes are stated by the user as, “All-purpose”, “sport”, “off-road”, “engineering”. But adds that end users may not be able to use. Other regular options like calls, music, and settings can be seen.

Additionally, the wheel design is simple with the Rivian logo on it. And has two buttons or scrollers as shown in the pictures. Also, the screen view from the wheel is changed, but due to fuzzy pictures, we don’t know what it shows. But looks like it is autopilot mode.

Rivian R1T wheel close-up view

Rivian R1T wheel close-up view. Image credits- Rivian Forum

Rivian removed any mentioning of LiDAR for its autopilot mode on the website. They haven’t mentioned the level 3 autonomous level as planned. But, they are on time with their deliveries. By late May they contacted some reservation holders regarding July deliveries.

July Deliveries

Prior to delivering the R1T electric pick-up, the company confirms configurations and delivery timings with the registered customers. Rivian’s strategy to provide better customer service is unique, making customers feel special. A personalized message shared by a pre-ordered customer shows how their customer service is personalized. Every customer is assigned with a guide, with whom they can contact whenever there are more questions.

The reason why the first look was important because there are more details yet to be revealed by the company. As hinted by NHTSA, Rivian might be going for dual-motor technology. It is known that they are going to use Quad-motor. But there are no details for which model will have a dual motor. The other model from Rivian includes R1S and a delivery van. A week ago, three Rivian models were spotted, being sent to New Zealand for cold-weather testing.

Expected to be a competition for Tesla Cyberruck and Ford F-150 lightning. Rivian certainly has the upper hand with fast deliveries.

Rivian Sends R1T pickup, R1S SUV & Delivery Van To New Zealand



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